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Roger Hodgson & Supertramp. Merry Christmas and Happy 2019


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JOHN HELLIWELL in Barcelona, January 2018


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20 years today since I met Roger Hodgson



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Entrevista a The Logical Group


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Richard Palmer, Debut solo album

Takeaway Cover

SUPERTRAMP Founding Member Richard Palmer Releases Debut Solo Album “Takeaway” OUT NOW!

Uno de los miembros fundadores de SUPERTRAMP, Richard Palmer, publica su album de Debut en solitario: “Takeaway” Ya a la venta!

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Excalibur Tour 2016


Photo: John Helliwell and Alan Simon during Excalibur show in Kölhn, year 2010. By MAC

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ROGER HODGSON tour 2016 resumes this month




ROGER HODGSON tour 2016 resumes this month (November), in North America

See Tour 2016 Dates

See Tour 2017 Dates

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ROGER HODGSON back to Barcelona. Tour 2016 Dates

Photo: Roger Hodgson in the Palau de la Musica, Barcelona, 2011, by MAC



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SUPERTRAMP, La bio ultime


The Ultimate Bio, by Fabrice Bellengier

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Supertramp, Isle of Wright 1970

Thursday 27th of August 1970   When I was young .......

Supertramp 1970 1

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Merry Christmas Message from Roger

Click to enjoy Roger's Give a Little Bit with Childrens Choir - 

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Breaking News, Roger Hodgson

For the Spanish fans:

- Roger Hodgson in Valencia, July 7, and  Murcia, July 8

- Roger Hodgson in Palma de Mallorca, August 4,  and Marbella, August 6

 - Roger Hodgson in Castell de Peralada, August 8

For all the fans:

- Roger Hodgson Press Article about "Crime of the Century" recording / Articulo de prensa sobre la grabación del "Crime of the Century" 

- Bob Siebenberg, interview, about "Crime of the Century". Entrevista sobre el album.


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ROGER HODGSON Audio Interview, AM-FM Magazine

breakfastcover Interesting Audio INTERVIEW, where he talks a lot about his songwriting

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March 2013 Special, Roger Hodgson and Supertramp tributes


In March Roger Hodgson is touring Europe, US and Australia. Arranca la gira mundial 2013 de Roger Hodgson !  Full info 

March 10, (solo) Crans-Montana, Switzerland
March 22, (with Orchestra) Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, Florida, US
March 28, (with band) Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Australia
March 30, (with band) The Tivoli, Brisbane, Australia
March 31, (with band) Bluesfest Festival , Byron Bay, Australia

Supertramp Tribute bands Full info

March 1,    Crisis? What Crisis?,   Conestogo Showplace Dinner Theatre, Conestogo, On, Canada
March 2,    Storm Survivors,  Roger Hodgson tribute band, Martorelles, Barcelona, Spain
March 9,    Crisis? What Crisis? ,  Gibson Centre  Alliston, On, Canada
March 9,    Tramp of the century,  Bar Chez Maurice, Quebec, Canada
March 15,  Crisis? What Crisis? , Charles W. Stockey Centre Parry Sound, On, Canada
March 16,  Crisis? What Crisis? , Capitol Centre North Bay, On, Canada
March 16,  X-Tramp, Cabaret Berlin, Barcelona, Spain
March 17,  The Logical Group, Teatre can Rajoler, Parets, Barcelona, Spain
March 22,  Crisis? What Crisis? , Stirling Festival Theatre Belleville, On, Canada
March 30,  Crisis? , Discoteca Larida, Lleida (near Barcelona), Spain 

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Supertramp Paris'79 DVD: Interview with John Helliwell & Peter Henderson Interview with John Helliwell & Peter Henderson, about the Paris'79 DVD and Blu-Ray]]> (MAC) Newsflash Thu, 04 Oct 2012 14:21:42 +0000 Roger's comments about the Paris Live DVD

ParisDVDweb  Paris DVD Letter to fans from Roger Hodgson , August 27, 2012

Dear friends,

Many of you have asked me about the status of the Paris DVD, so I wanted to write to you directly with the latest news.  Unfortunately many laws, both legal and moral, were broken and the Paris DVD is now about to be put out using illegal and unethical methods. It is now in the hands of attorneys to resolve the legal dispute between the publishing company and the labels.  I don’t know which side will win, yet what I’ve learned in the music business, it’s usually whichever attorneys have the most funding, not necessarily the ones who are in the right. 

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August 2012 Special, Roger Hodgson and Supertramp tributes


In August Roger Hodgson is touring the US. La gira mundial 2012 de Roger Hodgson continúa por Norteamerica !  Full info
Also, finally the Supertramp Live Paris 79, will be available in DVD and Blu-Ray, Amazon, August 27, more info soon
Supertramp Tribute bands:  Full info
August 4,    Crisis? What Crisis?, Kempenfest, Barrie, On, Canada
August 10,    Crisis? What Crisis? , Spot One, Brampton, Ontario, Canada
August 12,  Tramp of the Century, Fête des Guitares du Lac-au-Saumon, Canada
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July 2012 Special, Roger Hodgson and Supertramp tributes


Roger Hodgson World Tour 2012 still in the European leg. La gira mundial 2012 de Roger Hodgson continúa por Europa!  Full info
Also, finally the Supertramp Live Paris 79, will be available in DVD and Blu-Ray, Amazon, August 27, more info soon
Supertramp Tribute bands:  Full info
July 3,    Supertrampas, Madrid, Spain
July 4,    Crisis? What Crisis? , Toronto, Canada
July 13,  Tramp Experience, Nantes, France
July 21,  Logical Tramp, Cassis, France
July 28,  X-Tramp, Palafolls, Spain
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ROGER HODGSON in concert: in TV and Livestream

Your all may want to know about the TV show that will be broadcast next weekend on TV and also via a Livestream on the Internet.

Roger Hodgson In Concert - Livestream on DW TV Worldwide!

The channel is called DW (Deutsche Welle TV) and they will be airing Roger's concert from Basel, Switzerland in 2008. (The station in the US is in Kansas, so it's probably better to focus on the Livestream as that reaches everyone.

The program is called "Europe in Concert". This is the link to the program's homepage in English which lists the broadcast times in UTC:,,15950316,00.html

The program will be available via their homepage in other countries as well. In order to watch the program via the livestream on their homepage, this is the link:

For reception in other parts of the world:,,6809,00.html

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ken-scott-main1 AbbeyRoadZiggycover


Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust 
Off the Record with the Beatles, Bowie, Supertramp, and so much more
by Ken Scott and Bobby Owsinski, $24.99, hardcover.  Streets June 6
Libro de memorias del ingeniero de sonido y productor Ken Scott, con interesantes historias sobre Supertramp y otros
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The Legends Tour 2012



John Helliwell, Bob and Jesse Siebenberg, Mick Fleetwood, Jeremy Spencer, Jon Anderson,  John Wetton, Martin Barre, will be part of "The Legends Tour", an epic musical act directed by Alan Simon, a french composer known by similar works like "Gaia" and "Excalibur: The Legende des Cèltes".
This is not the first time that the musicians play with Simon. They also were in the "Gaia" project, in 2003, and Art on Ice, in 2004, and Excalibur in 2010.
They will play in France, Switzerland, Italy and Germany between June and October. More info soon !
Some venues are confirmed in the Fnac website an others. (Tickets available)

Direction artistique Alan Simon.

With/Con :

- John Helliwel / Jesse and Bob Siebenberg from SUPERTRAMP
- Jon Anderson from YES
- John Wetton from KING CRIMSON
- Jeremy Spencer from FLEETWOOD MAC
- Martin Barre from JETHRO TULL




John Helliwell, Bob y Jesse Siebenberg, Mick Fleetwood, Jeremy Spencer, Jon Anderson,  John Wetton, Martin Barre, formarán parte del show "The Legends Tour", un espectáculo musical épico conducido por Alan Simon, un compositor francés conocido por mega-proyectos similares como "Gaia" y "Excalibur: La leyenda de los Celtas".

Esta no es la primera vez que éstos musicos colaboran con Alan Simon. La mayoría ya han estado en proyectos como "Gaia", en 2003, Art on Ice, en 2004, y Excalibur en 2010.

Los shows tendrán lugar en importantes espacios de Francia, Suiza, Italia y Alemania entre Junio y Octubre. Os daremos más info en breve.

De momento ya se  pueden encontrar tickets de alguno de los shows en la web del Fnac y otras.



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Classics Live on ITunes

Roger's songs are   classics_live_roger   now available on Itunes!

Preview songs from Classics Live by Roger Hodgson on the iTunes Store. Preview, buy, and download Classics Live for $9.90. Songs start at just $0.99. Please visit the site and click to rate and leave a review for our favourite and loved artist.

El Album en directo "Classics Live" de Roger Hodgson también disponible en iTunes !
Visita el enlace y deja un comentario y puntuación si deseas apoyar a nuestro querido artista favorito.
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ROGER HODGSON, Great of Great Britain


The Great Exhibition 2012 has honored Roger with a one-of-a-kind poster! Only a select few of the nominees for UK's "Greats" have received personalized posters. Again, votes are required to "move" the nominees up the list. If you have not already voted, you can login on the site through your Facebook profile. Thanks to all of you who have already voted! Let's continue to spread the word!

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ROGER HODGSON, Announcement, New Blu-Ray

Announcement! Roger's "Take the Long Way Home, Live in Montreal DVD" will be released in Blu-ray format with additional bonus footage! 

We'd like the bonus DVD to include everyone's favorite videos from concerts, interview, special moments, etc. We've seen a lot of unofficial fan favorite videos out there, so we are collecting the very best- the ones you love the most, to include in the bonus.

Let us know which interviews, as well as which songs, you would like to see on the new "Take the Long Way Home" DVD/Blu-ray

We need to compile everything this week, so please send us your videos both by email and by mail, if possible, in the next few days. You could also upload them on YouTube with a private link so that only we can view them.

Ideally the footage should be recorded in High Def, though if you have something wonderful that is not HD, you can send that too. For anything you send, please tell us if you have the original recording, if it was filmed in HD, and what format it is in.

You can mail physical DVD's, tapes, etc to the address below in Belgium.

Soundproductions B.V.B.A.
Att: Linda Tyler - Blu-ray
Marsestraat 14
3950 Kaulille ( Bocholt) Belgium

+31(0)6 290 54 830


Or, if you are in the US you can mail physical copies to:


Harmonic Management
Att: Linda, Blu-ray
2036 Nevada City Hwy #208
Grass Valley, CA 95945

+1 530 906 1206


So many of you have been asking for Roger's DVD to be released as a Blu-ray, and we are really excited to give this to you with additional bonus footage! Please pass this email on to all your friends who may want to send in their videos to be considered for this special Blu-ray release.

Shakti and Linda


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Roger Hodgson with BAND in Spain !


Two shows: Tarragona and Cap Roig (Girona)

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Roger Hodgson in Epcot, Disneyworld November 4 and 5

Roger Hodgson concerts in Disneyworld, November 4 and 5


Roger actuó dos dias en el Epcot, Disneyworld

See our REVIEW / Ver nuestra CRONICA

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Roger Hodgson announces 2011 show in Barcelona

Roger Hodgson will perform March 31st, 2011 in the PALAU DE LA MUSICA in Barcelona during the Millenium Festival. Roger Hodgson actuará en el Palau de la Musica el 31 Marzo 2011


Click HERE for more PALAU DE LA MUSICA info



The former leader of Supertramp and Kool & the Gang perform at the Millennium Festival of Barcelona

Actualitzat a les 15:30 h 09/09/2010 Updated at 15:30 09/09/2010

Barcelona (ACN).- Kool & the Gang inaugurarà la propera edició del Festival Mil·lenni de Barcelona, amb una actuació el 12 de desembre a L'Auditori de Barcelona. Barcelona (ACN) .- Kool & the Gang will open the next Millennium Festival of Barcelona, with an action on December 12 at the Barcelona Auditorium. Roger Hodgson, que va ser líder i veu de Supertramp, també serà al festival, amb un concert el 31 de març al Palau de la Música. Roger Hodgson, who was leader and voice of Supertramp, will also be at the festival with a concert on March 31 at the Palau de la Musica. Ho farà en solitari ja que no acompanya el conegut grup en la seva gira europea, que té previst actuar a la ciutat el 18 de setembre. Alone because it will not accompany the group known in his European tour, which plans to operate in the city on September 18. El festival continua apostant per una programació eclèctica en els principals escenaris de la ciutat durant la tardor i l'hivern. The festival remains committed to eclectic programming at major venues in the city during the autumn and winter. La programació completa del festival es coneixerà al novembre. The complete festival schedule will be known in November.

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Roger Hodgson in Fernsehgarten TV show

Wonderful news! 
Fans of the German television show, Fernsehgarten, will be delighted to learn that Roger has been invited to be the guest of honor on the September 19 Grand Finale of the 2010 Season. 
This very special program will air live from 11:00 AM - 13:00 PM and will feature Roger performing several of his classic hits before a live audience. 

Check SEPTEMBER ROGER HODGSON newsletter (click here) for more info

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Supertramp Tour 2010, official statements


Supertramp is back, but again without co-founder Roger Hodgson, who will not be touring with Supertramp.
What a weird situation, since Roger was trying a reunion with Rick during last years, as you have read in several interviews, but Rick refused, finally he decided to make an unexpected tour. Everyone, musicians, promoters, fans, were shocked by this decision.
So whatever the reason is, Roger Hodgson and Supertramp will have simultaneous tours in 2010.
Let's enjoy both tours !

Jesse Siebenberg has cancelled his already planned collaboration with Roger this year, and he will join Supertramp for this tour.

En Español:

Supertramp vuelve a los escenarios en 2010, pero de nuevo sin el co-fundador Roger Hodgson, que no estará en la gira de Supertramp.
Una situación extraña, ya que como habéis ido leyendo en estos últimos años en entrevistas de Roger, éste lleva intentando sin éxito una gira-reunión con Rick, que Rick ha rechazado, y finalmente éste último ha decidido a última hora una inesperada gira bajo el nombre Supertramp, llamando al resto de músicos a partir de Febrero/Marzo, cosa que ha pillado por sorpresa a todos, tanto músicos y promotores, como fans.

Es decir, Roger Hodgson y Supertramp harán giras simultáneas durante 2010, como ya pasó en 2002.
Disfrutemos pues de ambas giras !

Jesse Siebenberg ha cancelado la colaboración que tenía prevista con Roger en Sudamérica y otros conciertos con banda, para sumarse al proyecto de Rick.


March 15, 2010: From "Le Parisien" newspaper

Supertramp is back
The mythical group will come on stage this Fall to celebrate his 40th birthday. The band will announce in a few days a tour that will include Europe, and France for five dates.
Supertramp will be in concert in Paris on October 18th (nota: Paris Bercy arena, 15,000 capacity), and in Nantes on October 12th, Lyon on October 16th, Toulouse on October 20th and Toulon on October 21st.
Tickets will be on sale mid-April.

This is no joke, Rick and Roger will be at the very same time in France, touring in the same towns...
Stay tuned for more information, especially to know who is involved in the Supertramp line up.

March, From other sources:

-Official announcement on tour late April. Rick started conversations with band mates just one or two months ago.

-Current plans may include up to a nine-piece band: Rick, Bob, John, Cliff, Carl, Jesse, with Lee Thornburg probably returning on horns. Another all-purpose musician or two and maybe even a female back up singer. No Mark Hart, due to his being a full-time Crowded House member currently -- no drama here and it sounds like the band would've really loved to have had Mark for this one;

-Roger Hodgson will not be touring with Supertramp. So Roger Hodgson and Supertramp will have simultaneous tours.

-Supertramp tour to be in Europe initially this Fall/Winter and -maybe- North American in early 2011, tbd.

-Long list of gigs were anonuced in several websites, for September-October in Europe. We will update this website with all dates soon. Stay tuned !!!!

March, From Roger Hodgson Management:

We have received emails from some of you saying you are a little confused if Roger is going to be touring with Supertramp this year or not. I can tell you that Roger has not been with Supertramp for 27 years now.

His 2010 tour has been planned for half a year now and we have many shows already in contract and on sale. So it is impossible at this point for him to join Supertramp on their tour.

So please let your friends and family know that Roger will be doing solo shows, band shows, and orchestra shows. He will not be touring with Supertramp - we do not want fans to be confused about this (as many were in 2002!)


May 8, From Supertramp's Management:


In June of 2008 Rick Davies went to meet with Roger Hodgson to discuss the possibility of a reunion with him. After fifteen months of discussions, last fall Rick and Roger did not come to an agreement as was hoped. Roger decided to continue his solo career as he has since leaving Supertramp twenty-seven years ago.

After a bit of soul searching and much encouragement and support from Supertramp's longstanding promoters, Rick decided to put the band back on the road.

The "70-10 Tour" is a celebration of 40 years of Supertramp, which Rick started in 1970, but it is not a reunion with Roger Hodgson. We wish Roger well and look forward to playing for you this fall.

We sincerely hope this puts an end to the confusion that has been circulating on the internet and in the press.


May 10, From Roger Hodgson Management:

Harmonic Management and Roger Hodgson statement

The Latest from Buenos Aires.

Hi there. We just got off a 19 hour plane ride from Berlin where we just did an orchestra show and then flew to Argentina. And as we got here, we saw Supertramp’s statement on our google alerts which was very surprising. We just wanted to post a quick response to all the fans to say this isn’t true and there are a lot of holes in this statement. It doesn’t address anything about how they are using Roger’s songs and his voice to promote their tour or about Rick not honoring his agreement with Roger not to play his songs.

Yes, it is true that we did meet with Rick & Sue once. We had a cup of coffee in Canada in the summer in the middle of our 2008 tour. And then it was almost a year before we even spoke to them again. So to say there were negotiations happening during that time is simply not true.

Yet, what is more important is that Roger did write to Rick in February asking him if it was true that the anniversary tour was happening and he never got a reply. And we did offer to join Rick for a few special reunion concerts when our tour schedule allowed, and their agent told us they refused. We know how much fans have been wanting Roger to join Supertramp on this 40th Anniversary tour, so our main reason for offering was for the fans’ sake. We really think you deserve it. We want to honor all the appreciation that the fans have given Roger and Supertramp over the years for their music. Roger wouldn’t be here doing these concerts and playing the music that he loves if it wasn’t for you.

So, that is our quick response for now. We’re going to sleep for a few hours before band rehearsals. As we recover from jet lag we’ll give a longer statement.

Love to you all,
Harmonic Management & Roger


September 4, From Roger Hodgson Management:

What does Roger think of the Supertramp concerts…

So many of you have written in asking how Roger feels about the Supertramp concert and them playing so many of his songs – and about Jesse playing so many when he was supposed to be touring with Roger this year – and how they are continuing to use Roger’s songs and voice to advertise their shows which is still happening. For example, someone wrote on the guest book yesterday "I've just been shouting at the TV. Canal+ in France has just shown (around 18h35, today, 3rd September) an advert for "Supertramp", with the dates of their concerts in Paris. Only the name "Supertramp" was used. The name "Roger Hodgson" was not once mentioned. And yet every single extract they played featured - exclusively - your, Roger's, voice! I did not register Rick's voice at all…"

 Another fan sent an email last week about a Supertramp ticket give-away promotion on WDR radio. The question they asked was which is the most famous Supertramp song here in Germany? (It's Raining Again- by Roger). Then they played a medley of Roger's songs. They didn't mention that Roger would not be with Supertramp. The fan commented (translated from German): " I think it's not good when they advertise with Roger's songs and then he is not there. Certainly many fans will be disappointed."

 We thank you for all your emails, and Roger said that later he’ll release a statement and answer some of these questions for the fans, right now we’re focused on this special show tonight and the release of the Live CD. (And we so appreciate you informing us and posting responses about Roger and his songs. Much of the public don’t even know Roger Hodgson wrote the songs. So please keep that up!)

 Roger sends his best to everyone and thanks everyone for their support and wants everyone to know that he still thinks the right thing to do would be some special reunion shows with him and Supertramp. He’s done everything he knows how to do, and so has management and promoters and it’s up the fans if you really want it – he’s kept his calendar open in October. It’s for the fans that he plays music, so if you want it, then shout for it, write for it, petition for it. Roger is still willing and open.

 Lots of love to you all!

 Linda & Shakti


(en español, traducido por Ana Lopez)
Que piensa Roger de los conciertos de Supetramp…

Muchos de vosotros nos habéis escrito para preguntar cómo se siente Roger acerca de los conciertos de Supertramp, y que estén interpretando tantas de sus canciones – y acerca de que Jesse interprete algunas cuando se suponía que iba a estar de gira con Roger este año – y cómo es que continúan usando las canciones y la voz de Roger para anunciar sus shows, lo cual sigue sucediendo.

Por ejemplo, alguien escribió ayer en el Libro de Visitas: “He estado abucheando a la TV, Canal+ en Francia acaba de sacar (sobre las 18:35 h de hoy, 3 de Septiembre), un anuncio de “Supertramp”, con las fechas de sus conciertos en París. Sólo usaron el nombre “Supertramp”. El nombre “Roger Hodgson” no se mencionó ni una sola vez, pero cada canción que destacaron era –exclusivamente- suya, con la voz de Roger! No escuché la voz de Rick en absoluto…”

Otro fan nos envió un e-mail la pasada semana sobre una promoción en la Radio WDR, donde regalaban una entrada para Supertramp. La pregunta que hacían era cuál es la canción más famosa de Supertramp aquí, en Alemania? (It’s Raining Again – de Roger).Entonces pusieron un medley de canciones de Roger. No mencionaron que Roger no estaría con Supertramp. El fan comentó (traducido del alemán): “Creo que no está bien que se anuncian con canciones de Roger si él no está ahí. Ciertamente, muchos fans se sentirán decepcionados".

Os agradecemos todos vuestros e-mails, y Roger ha dicho que más tarde va a emitir un comunicado para responder algunas de estas preguntas de los fans, ahora mismo estamos centrados en este show especial de esta noche y en la edición del disco en directo. (Valoramos que nos informéis y posteéis comentarios sobre Roger y sus canciones. La mayoría del público ni siquiera sabe que Roger Hodgson escribió esas canciones. Así que por favor seguid adelante!)

Roger os envía a todos sus mejores deseos, y os agradece a todos vuestro apoyo y quiere que todos sepáis que él aún piensa que la manera correcta de hacer las cosas sería hacer unos shows especiales de reunión con él y Supertramp. Él ha hecho todo lo que podía hacer así como el equipo de management y los promotores, depende de los fans si realmente lo queréis – Él mantiene abierta su agenda de Octubre. Es para los fans que hace música, así que si lo queréis, entonces pedirlo a gritos, por escrito, pedirlo. Roger aún está dispuesto y abierto para ello.

Mucho amor para todos!

Linda & Shakti


March 2, 2011, From Roger Hodgson Management:

"In regards to the Paris DVD, Roger really doesn't like that fans keep getting promised this Paris DVD for all these years because there have been legal problems with the release of it. We just found out that since December Rick and Sue Davies' attorneys have been in conflict with the band's attorneys on the release of the DVD and basically, bottom line, Rick & Sue Davies don't want it to be released and that is what has held it up all this time. Roger, John, Bob and Dougie have wanted it to be released for years now, though it seems since Rick and Sue Davies trademarked the Supertramp name they can still do a lot of things that Roger and the rest of the band are not in agreement with.
And yes, we also had been told through the grapevine and now see that it is posted on their website that Rick and the musicians he went out with last year are going out again this year. Just for all the fans to know, again, Rick and Sue Davies did not invite Roger or Dougie Thompson for their tour this year. And if Rick & Sue Davies would allow Roger and Dougie to do a few special reunion shows with Supertramp, Roger would still do that for the fans sake, a few special historical reunion concerts. So, yes, you can post this on the fan site because Roger would like the fans to know these things."


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Newsflash 4

We encourage you to register as a user (soon available...) to have full access to all the website. Of course, it's free.

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Newsflash 5 - BIS launching 15th Anniversary Web Edition

Breakfast In Spain website is launching its 15th revision, which will be online around September 2010.

Some months later, around late 2011 we will celebrate our 15th Anniversary being online.

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Newsflash 1

Roger Hodgson 2010 Tour. Update: February 2010. He will be touring from Australia / New Zealand to the US, and then jumping to Brazil and returning again to Europe with long tours in France and Germany.

]]> (Miguel Angel Candela MAC) Newsflash Mon, 09 Aug 2004 10:00:00 +0000
Newsflash 3

October 2009 Interview about a possible Supertramp reunion: Roger Hodgson confessed that has tried to convince Rick Davies to make a Supertramp reunion “since ages”, as “Supertramp was the two of us”, the essence of the group that was split up in 1983. “Unluckily”, try as he might, all his attempts “fail again and again”, and Hodgson doesn´t expect to be on a soon Supertramp tour.

]]> (Miguel Angel Candela MAC) Newsflash Mon, 09 Aug 2004 10:00:00 +0000
Newsflash 2

ROGER HODGSON is already in Facebook and Twitter. You can reach him at: or

]]> (Miguel Angel Candela MAC) Newsflash Mon, 09 Aug 2004 06:00:00 +0000