2000 "Open the door" Promo tour with BAND

2000 "Open the door" Promo tour with BAND


ROGER HODGSON: with Bob & Jesse Siebenberg, Andrew Hodgson, Norbert Fimpel

Several shows in Europe (France, Belgium, Switzerland) with Andrew Hodgson, Bob Siebenberg, Jesse Siebenberg and Norbert Fimpel.

What an incredible show with Roger and Bob on stage ! Unfortunatelly the tour was shorter than expected (several shows in France were cancelled) and non official footage from that tour, just some audience recordings....

Shows started with Andrew on drums, then they played some songs (Take the long way home, Breakfast in America, Open the door,....)
When Roger and Norbert play the dramatic intro for "Don't leave me know", a moment of silence before the drums part, then Roger introduce Bob: "Ladies and gentlemans, Bob Siebenberg of Supertramp !! "
Then Bob enter on stage, take a seat on drums (big applause) and they start playing !
After the song Roger said "it's been a long time.... -laughs- seventeen years, all right ? looking at Bob.......- laughs -...seventeen years, when we were twenty !....- lots of laughs-...."



November 10, Paris, France
November 15, Bern, Switzerland
November 18, Zug, Switzerland
November 20, Brussels, Belgium
November 21, Lille, France
November 22, Rennes, France


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