2001 All star band (with Ringo Starr)

2001 All star band (with Ringo Starr)


ROGER HODGSON: several shows in USA and Canada during the summer time

Roger Hodgson joined the All star Band as the electric guitar player, and perfoming (lead vocal and keyboard and 12 strings guitar) his own hits
Give a little bit, Take the long way home and The logical song.

There was a lot of gigs, promos (as the one in the Rockefeller Center, New York, aired on TV) and interviews. A big succes.

Official DVD available. including the show and members interviews.


The band:

Ringo Starr
Howard Jones
Greg Lake
Mark Rivera
Sheila E.
Ian Hunter

I met Roger two months before, in Nice (Night of the Proms) and I remember he told me he was playing the electric guitar lately, after many years, in order to practice for the Ringo's tour.

To know more about it, please read this nice interview to Roger just before the tour.

Roger Hodgson Interview - TheUnion.com


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