Official albums (CD & DVD)

 You can find official albums with songs of Roger (or collaborations) apart from the official Roger's discography.
Very interesting works with other artists over the years available in stores or Internet.
All that in execellent quality, and some of them indispensable in your own collection.
I do want to point that the official recordings of Night of the Proms are even better quality than the original Supertramp albums, due to a better technology years later, and the help of a wonderful symphonic orchestra and chorus.
Here you are, the complet list:

Aparte de la discografía de Roger, hay una gran cantidad de discos en el mercado que incluyen colaboraciones de Roger, todas de gran calidad y muy interesantes de escuchar si apreciais su música.
Algunas de ellas son imprescindibles en vuestra colección, como las participaciones en Night of the Proms con orquesta sinfónica y coros, de mayor calidad musical e instumental incluso que los propios albums oficiales de Supertramp, al ser posteriores, con mejor tecnología y medios, y la calidad de una orquesta sinfónica con coral.
Aqui teneis la relación completa:

- CD TALK, 1994 album by YES. Song "WALLS" (this song was composed by Trevor Rabin and Roger Hodgson) Roger is not singing finally on this track but you can feel his style. (Know more) Years later Trevor Rabin released the track where Roger is singing, just read the next line...

- CD 90124, year 2003 by Trevor Rabin, Includes some demos for the album 90125 and also includes the song Walls, but the version with Roger Hodgson singing on it.

- CD Excalibur, 1999 (studio album recorded in 1998) Roger performed the songs The Elements and The will of god composed by Alan Simon.

- CD/DVD Excalibur Live, the concert Mithique, 1999 (live CD album and VHS/DVD) Roger also performed "Dans la meme lumiere", actually an adaptation of the Roger's song "Brother St Paul" where Alan Simon included french lyrics.
See the official website

- CD Mayo Longo, year 2000, song "The Moon says hello", by Carlos Nuñez, spanish musician, celtic music.
Roger wrote the lyrics and added his voice and playing to this beautiful melody of Carlos. Read more

- CD Nigth of the Proms 1995 (The Logical song and Give a little bit with symphonic orchestra)

- CD/DVD All star band, 2001 tour, official CD and DVD by Ringo Star. Roger was the electric guitar player and also performed Take the long way home, The logical song and Give a little bit.

- CD Nigth of the Proms 2004 Germany (Dreamer and The Fool's overture with symphonic orchestra)

- CD Best of Nigth of the Proms I (includes Give a little bit song)

- CD Best of Nigth of the Proms II (includes The Logical song)

- CD Nigth of the Proms Germany 2004 (includes Dreamer and Fool's overture). I do recommend this !

- DVD Best of Nigth of the Proms, released in 2006 (includes Fool's overture)
See the official website

- DVD Concert for Diana, released in 2007 (includes a mix: Dreamer, Logical song, Breakfast in America and Give a little bit)
See the official website

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