The only "official" is "Take the long way home" (Live in Montreal 2006) and the promotional videoclips.
But Roger appears also as guest star in other official videos: Excalibur, All star band with Ringo Starr, Concert for Diana, and several editions of Night of the Proms. See OTHER WORKS section for more info about it.

The rest is unofficial, like several concerts aired on TV, good quality some of them and easy to find and download in the Internet, or exchanging material with other fans in the Roger's and Supertramp's forums.

El único video oficial hasta el momento es el "Take the long way home" (Live in Montreal 2006), muy buen video, en DVD.
Pero también hay apariciones de Roger en otros DVD oficiales como la gira "All star Band" con Ringo Starr, o la gira Excalibur, el concierto para Diana o diversas ediciones de Night of the Proms.
Mirar en la sección OTHER WORKS para más información sobre ello.

Y por supuesto los videoclips promocionales de los discos.
El resto de cosas que podais encontrar son piratas, o conciertos emitidos por TV (algunos de muy buena calidad), que son fáciles de encontrar gratis por la red o intercambiando con otros fans en foros de Roger y Supertramp

DVD TAKE THE LONG WAY HOME (Live in Montreal 2006)
See more info

DVD EXCALIBUR Live, the concert Mithique, 1999
See more info

DVD All star band, 2001 tour with Ringo Starr

DVD Best of Nigth of the Proms, released in 2006 (includes Fool's overture)
See more info

DVD Concert for Diana, released in 2007 (includes a mix: Dreamer, Logical song, Breakfast in America and Give a little bit)
See more info


Aired on TV around the world

- Had a dream
- In Jeopardy
- London
- You make me love you
- Take the long way home (Live - Rites of passage tour)
- Hungry
- Open the door



Apart from the audience recordings, obviously the best are the concerts and documentaries aired on TV.
Don't miss the "Night of the Proms" recordings, all that very good quality. I also recommend the concerts with band mates, like Buenos Aires 98, Madrid 2000, Art on Ice 2004 and Chile 2009.
There are also nice intervies and documentaries. Here you are, the summarize of the best.

Aparte de posibles grabaciones particulares, evidentemente lo más interesante son conciertos o programas sobre Roger Hodgson emitidos en las Televisiones del mundo. No se puede perder uno las diversas emisiones de los diferentes Night of the Proms, todos ellos de muy buena calidad. Así como otros conciertos con banda como el de Buenos Aires 98, Madrid 2000, Art on Ice 2004 o Chile 2009.
También hay muy buenas entrevistas y reportajes. Aqui teneis un resúmen de lo más destacado.


Concerts aired on TV over the years:

- MALAGA (Spain), 1997 (solo)
- BUENOS AIRES (Argentina) 1998 (+ bass player + drummer)
- NUREMBERG, Rock in Park (Germany) 1998 (solo)
- NIGHT OF THE PROMS 1991-95-97-2004 (orchestra) Several cities, Europe. (some available on DVD, official)
- MADRID (Spain), 2000 (+ bass player + drummer)
- ART ON ICE 2004, Zurich (with John Helliwell and Jesse Siebenberg and Alan Simon and complete band)
- CONCERT FOR DIANA, London (UK). 2007 (now available on DVD, official)
- LUNA LUNERA festival. Spain, 2007 (six songs and short interview)
- MONTREAUX jazz festival, Switzerland, 2007 (10 songs)
- LUGANO Estival jazz, Switzerland, 2008 (all show and two interviews: day before and after show)
- LEVERKUSENER Jazztage, November 4, 2008 (full show)
- VIÑA DEL MAR, Chile, February 2009 (with band. 10 songs and 3 awards for Roger)
- BABELSBERG, Germany, May 2010 (with orchestra ! 30 min)

- STUTTGART, Germany, July 6 2013 (with orchestra! 15 songs! 1h 15min)

TV Shows and Documentaries aired on TV over the years:

- "Profiles in rock", year 1981 (Doug Pringle interview in Nevada City)
- "Roger avec et sans Supertramp", year 2000, Belgian TV.
- "Rock and roll circus", year 2000, French TV (Canal Arte)
- "NBC Today", year 2001, All star band in the Rockefeller Center, NY
- "Canadian Idol", year 2006
- "Taratata", year 2008, France
- "Star Académie", year 2009 (March), Canada

- Lots of Promos and Interviews around the world over the years.
(last in Germany and UK September 2007 and also Norway, Germany and France in 2008 and 2009)


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