ROGER HODGSON AUDIO rare recordings

ROGER HODGSON AUDIO rare recordings


OFFICIAL recordings

Imagine/Mr. Boyd, 1969
This single (two songs) was the first recording released. Roger played guitar and lead vocals. Elton John played piano.

Danielle, 2000
This song was recorded for the "Open the door" album, but finally released as a CD single, not included in the album.
Some few editions of the album in few countries included this track in the CD.

Other works
Other nice Roger's works are included in lot of good albums over the years: Excalibur, All star band with Ringo Starr, several editions of Night of the Proms, Yes album, Carlos Nuñez album, etc.
See OTHER WORKS section for more info.

Unrecorded songs
Roger use to play often some unrecorded songs on his shows.
You can find a couple of unrecorded songs on the DVD Live in Montreal:
- Oh Brother (initially named "Keep the pigeons warm")
- The awakening




Apart from the audience recordings, obviously the best are the concerts aired on radios around the world, in order to get the best sound quality. There are also nice intervies.
Here you are, the summarize of the best.

Aparte de posibles grabaciones particulares, evidentemente lo más interesante son conciertos o programas sobre Roger Hodgson emitidos en las Radios de todo el mundo, para tener la mejor calidad de sonido.
También hay muy buenas entrevistas.
Aqui teneis un resúmen de lo más destacado:


Concerts aired on Radio over the years:

- BARCELONA (Spain), Catalunya Radio 1997 (solo)
- BUENOS AIRES (Argentina) 1998 (+ bass player + drummer)
- SANTIAGO (Chile) 1998 (+ bass player + drummer)
- SANTA CRUZ (Bolivia) 1998 (+ bass player + drummer + saxophone player)
- MADRID (Spain), Cadena 40 año 2000 (+ bass player + drummer)
- MAINZ (Germany) Radio show 2007 (+ saxophone player)

Interviews aired on Radio:

- "Rockline", year 1984 (Bob Coburn interview)
- "Radio Show Crime of the Century", year 1992.
- "Radio Show Breakfast in America", year 1999.
- ·Radio Show" in BARCELONA (Spain), Catalunya Radio, 1997.

Unrecorded songs

Roger use to play often some unrecorded songs on his shows and soundchecks. You can find some in the audience recordings,
contacting other fans around the world:
- Christmas
- Teach me to love again
- Lone child
- Oh my sister
- The journey
- Brother St. Paul
- I knew it well

You can also see Roger singing a nice song dedicated to his daugther, in the video "Profiles in rock":
- Little Miss Heidi


Years ago (late 90's) it was possible to download some demos from the Roger's website.
You can find that just contacting other die fans around the world:
- Breakfast in America (recorded by Roger at home year 1968 or 69 with the Grand-Ma)
- Hum Hum
- Sad Boy
- Low Dance
- Hungry, year 1990 (includes a slow part in the middle, as the song "Had a dream" has)


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