LogicalTramp - UK London

LogicalTramp - UK London



A profesional band based in London, 7 members, all of them very experienced musicians.

My friends Gonzalo (spanish musician living in London) and Laurent (Paris) founded the band in 2003 after our meeting in London during the Supertramp show in Hide Park 2002.
All three met in the backstage party thanks to our nice friendship with members of Supertramp.
Laurent is the only one member living out of UK (Paris) and he had the big honour to join Supertramp on stage in the show in Paris 2002, playing the saxophone.

John Helliwell gave back the collaboration just joining LogicalTramp during a show in Manchester 2005.
I define this band as a "cover" band because they make versions with the songs of Supertramp, very similar, but not exactly, that's not their goal.
But all their shows are great and everybody have a lot of fan and joy.

The band performed tours in England, Portugal and Azores untill now.

NEW --> March 2014: The band release an ALBUM

Check their web site for full info: Visit their Web site

Also their iPhone Website and facebook


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