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April 2024 - John Helliwell and Jesse Siebenberg in the Rock meets Classic 2024 Tour
John Helliwell y Jesse Siebenberg participan en la gira Rock meets Classic 2024  
November 2022 - John Helliwell releases a new album: "DON'T EVER LEAVE ME". Jazz style. includes a couple of Rick songs ("You started laughing" and "Just a normal day"), and a Roger song (Two of us) 
John Helliwell publica un nuevo disco: "DON'T EVER LEAVE ME". Estilo jazz suave, incluye un par de temas de Rick ("You started laughing" y "Just a normal day"), y uno de Roger (Two f us).
June 2022 -  Rick Davies is doing more shows at the Stephen Talkhouse, Long Island, NY.With his band Ricky and the Rockets.
Rick Davies realiza algunos shows en Long Island, New York, con su banda "Ricky and the Rockets".

May 2020 - John Helliwell announces new album: "EVER OPEN DOOR". First single: " The ballad of the sad young man".  The songs are instrumental, and composed by John's friends, like Mark Hart. Includes a Rick song (Ever open door) and a Roger song (If everyone was listening) The band is formed by John (clarinet and tenor sax) a string quartet and a Hammond organ. Six members
John Helliwell anuncia un nuevo disco: "EVER OPEN DOR". El primer single se llama "The ballad of the sad young  man".  Las canciones son instrumentales, y compuestas por amigos suyos, uno de ellos Mark Hart. Incluye un tema de Rick (Ever open door) y uno de Roger (If everyone was listening) La banda está compuesta por John (clarinete y saxo tenor) un cuarteto de cuerdas y un organo Hammond. Seis miembros.
November 2019 - John Helliwell plays in a special gig EXCALIBUR IV on November 23, Ploemeur (Bretagne, France) and BING BANG event (Alan Simon) on November 3 in Nantes
John Helliwell participa el 23 Noviembre en un evento especial EXCALIBUR IV en Ploemeur, Bretaña francesa. Y el 3 Noviembre en el evento special BING BANG de Alan Simon en Nantes
August 2019 - John Helliwell plays in a special gig EXCALIBUR IV on August 15, Motocultor Festival (Bretagne, France)
John Helliwell participa el 15 Agosto en un evento especial EXCALIBUR IV dentro del Motocultor Festival en la Bretaña francesa 
Sept 2018 - Rick Davies. See this interesting interview
Ver ésta interesante entrevista con Rick Davies (Ricky and the Rockets)
May 2018 -  Rick Davies is doing a show in Amagansett, NY on Tue 8/28 at 8p at the Stephen Talkhouse. Tickets are $100 They are calling it Ricky and the Rockets with Mike Reilly and friends from Pure Prairie League
Rick Davies reaparece tras su enfermedad por primera vez en concierto, en Amagansett, NY el martes 28 Agosto en The Stephen Talkhouse. Los tickets cuestan $100 Se hacen llamar Ricky and the Rockets con Mike Reilly y amigos de Pure Prairie League
April 2018 - John Helliwell and Jesse Siebenberg in the Rock meets Classic 2018 Tour 
John Helliwell y Jesse Siebenberg participan en la gira Rock meets Classic 2018  
August 2017 - Russel Pope died on 15th of August. He was in charge of the Supertramp sound on tour from 1971 to 1983
Russel Pope falleció el 15 Agosto. El estuvo a cargo del sonido de Supertramp en las giras desde 1971 hasta 1983
February 2017 - John Helliwell in the Spanish TV. See the Interview
John Helliwell en Television Española. Ver la entrevista
December 2016 - Rick Davies is recovering from his illness. Good News!!!
Rick Davies se está recuperadno satisfactoriamente de su enfermedad. Son muy buenas noticias !!! 
October 2016 - John Helliwell records a song with the spanish group "Asfalto" and he will play a gig with them in Madrid on February 2017 
John Helliwell ha grabado un tema con el grupo español "Asfalto" y tocará con la banda un concierto en Madrid en Febrero 2017 

September 2016 - John Helliwell and Jesse Siebenberg in the Excalibur tour 2016.  
John Helliwell y Jesse Siebenberg participan en la gira Excalibur 2016
September 2015 - New BOOK about SUPERTRAMP, from Fabrice Bellengier. La bio ultime.
Nuevo LIBRO sobre SUPERTRAMP, de Fabrice Bellengier. La bio ultime.
August 2015 - August 4, SUPERTRAMP cancels upcoming European Tour because of Rick Davies' cancer 
SUPERTRAMP cancela la gira debido a la grave enfermedad de Rick Davies
February 2015 - SUPERTRAMP announces autumn 2015 EUROPEAN TOUR
 SUPERTRAMP anuncia su próxima Gira Europea para éste otoño 2015

October 2014 - "Crime of the Century" DELUXE Edition will be released on December. Just a new remastered copy and the Hammersmith concert '75, well known by fans. No video, no surprises :o(
La edicion DELUXE del "Crime of the Century" se publica en Diciembre. Solo incluye una nueva remasterización, y el concierto de Hammersmith del 75 viejo conocido de los fans. No se incluyen videos ni novedades :o(

January 2014 - No News about more Supertramp tours, but we hope to see "Crime of the Century" DELUXE Edition this year. Stay tuned.
No hay noticias sobre nas posibles giras de Supertramp, pero se espera que la edicion DELUXE del "Crime of the Century" vea la luz éste año. Permanecer atentos.
December 2013 - Our new web site updated -  We've migrated to a new platform. All sections are active again after several months of hard work. Lots of info about Roger Hodgson and Supertramp: history, albums, tours, interviews, curiosities, photos, etc.
Casi finalizada la migracion a la nueva plataforma para nuestra web. Todas las secciones vuelven a estar activas. Encontraréis cantidad de informacion sobre Roger Hodgson y Supertramp, Historia, discos, giras, rarezas, curiosidades, fotos, entrevistas, etc.
September 2012 - Supertramp Paris Live 79 DVD and Blu-Ray: Interview with John Helliwell & Peter Henderson
- Entrevista con John Helliwell y Peter Henderson sobre el DVD Live in Paris '79
July 2012 - Supertramp Paris Live 79 DVD and Blu-Ray will be available in Amazon on August 27. 
 - Finalmente se lanza el tan esperado por los fans, Supertramp Paris Live 79, en DVD y Blu-Ray. De momento ya lo anuncia Amazon para el 27 Agosto.
May 2012 - Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust book launch, June 6, Ken Scott's official memoir . Read More
- Se lanza el libro de memorias de Ken Scott, "Abbey Road to Ziggy Stardust" el 6 Junio. Ver mas
March 2012 - The Legends Tour has been cancelled due to poor ticket sales.
- La gira "The Legends Tour" ha sido cancelada pues la venta de tickets no ha cumplido las espectativas.
February 2012 - John Helliwell and Bob & Jesse Siebenberg in "The Legends Tour" 2012. Read More
- John Helliwell junto con Bob y Jesse Siebenberg en "The Legends Tour" 2012. Ver mas
November 2011 - No News about "Crime of the Century" DELUXE Edition or Paris 1979 DVD 
- Sigue sin haber noticias de la edicion DELUXE del "Crime of the Century" o del DVD de Paris 1979
July 2011 - Supertramp tour 2011 ends in France. See this Review . No News about more gigs or tours
- La gira de Supertramp 2011 finaliza en Francia. Ver una Cronica. No hay noticias sobre más conciertos o giras.  
June 2011 - Supertramp tour 2011 kick off in Victoria. See this Review and Press Review
March 2011 - Supertramp announces Spring and Summer 2011 TOUR DATES
Supertramp anuncia la próxima gira 2011 para primavera y verano
January 2011 - New section full of  interesting things about Supertramp:Did you know ?
 Nueva sección repleta de curiosidades acerca de Supertramp:¿ Sabías qué ? 

January 2011 - John Helliwell in Excalibur III tour. Several shows in Germany, within Alan Simon's project. See more info, and also an interesting INTERVIEW, exclusive for Excalibur journal.

November 2010 - Supertramp Tour 2010 ends in Paris, see the REVIEW. Maybe more gigs next year..... Another interesting John Helliwell INTERVIEW  Don't miss it !!!

October 2010 - John Helliwell INTERVIEW

September 2010 - New Breakfast in America DELUXE EDITION, Double CD, to be released on October 4, 2010.

September 2010 - Supertramp Tour 2010 kick off in Hale, Germany  REVIEW / CRONICA

August 2010 - Rick Davies INTERVIEW

June 2010 - John Helliwell with Alan Parsons. A great special show in Paris  REVIEW / CRONICA

 May 2010 - Official STATEMENTS about Supertramp tour.

April 2010 - Supertramp TOUR 2010 announced

January 2010  - John Helliwell in Excalibur II tour. Several shows in Germany, with Alan Parsons and Alan Simon. REVIEW / CRONICA



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Rick Davies is doing a show in Amagansett, NY on Tue 8/28 at 8p at the Stephen Talkhouse. Tickets are $100! They are calling it Ricky and the Rockets with Mike Reilly and friends from Pure Prairie League

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