1999 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Rennes 12th October

1999 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Rennes 12th October




After some months of waiting, list became more or less closed with:

CHRISTOPHE DAVY, CLAIRE DAVY et son petit GAUTIHER from France, as Chef Organisateur
SARAH SMITH from England
LUIS GOUVEIA from Portugal
JOHAN and GERTRUDE VAN DE BELT, PEGGY de VRIES, Monique VAN LUIJK and Hans VAN'T HOEN plus Kimberly and Andy from Holland (The Netherlands)

...we should add JEROME LE ROY, from France, who came specially from Paris to spend just one day with us....

...and also MICHEL DI RIENZO who met us some minutes before the concert.

Some other people could not come...but you were with us, sharing that days with Roger

Johan Van de Belt REPORT

Hello friends,

Jordi asked to send him a short "report" of the time we had in Rennes.
I send our best pictures and our story to all of you, because some of you might like to see/read them

Here's our paragraph:

" There we were, together in Rennes 15 different persons, from 6 different European countries having a great time together. There was at least one thing that made us feel as one: our love and passion for Roger's music. It was great to see that Roger's music lives in so many different hearts and minds. For us (Johan and Gertrude) this weekend ment a lot. It was so great to have contact with friends that share that same feelings . It's just hard to express in words.

We had the chance to see something from the beautiful country side of Brittany, We took the chance to get lost in the dark... and find our way back, to see a lot of Menhirs (refer to the Asterix and Obelix stories to know more about those stones). You see: we did not only come for the concert! We got so much more. On the monday evening, we got the chance to see the sound check. Thank you Alan, for letting us in! We saw the immense light-technique and the great stage that was build. We felt very special, especially when Roger showed up to talk with us that evening.

At midnight we had a real Mc Donald's picknick-diner outside!!!! because we did not have a chance to eat that evening. The next day we were all on cloud 9. A TV crew and a journalist made an interview for M6 and Ouest France, about a bunch of crazy people who came from all the corners of Europe to meet. (thanks to Christophe who made a few calls to arrange our fame..). We were the first of the crowd that entered the concert hall that evening. Roger and his wife Karuna welcomed us at the door! It was wonderful to meet Karuna. And than magic happened when the Excalibur concert started. What a wonderful show....
I'm sure others will tell more about this. The next morning we had our last breakfast in France together. We were a bit sad because we had to say goodbye. When Roger called that morning on Moniques mobile, the happy faces were back! Everyone smiled and had the chance to talk to Roger to thank him for.....so much. We hope to meet eachother again someday somewhere.... maybe in Stockholm???? :-)"

Warm greetings from:

Johan and Gertrude van de Belt.

Sarah Smith REPORT

For me, the time spent in Rennes wasn't just about the Excalibur show, it was about sharing my deep passion for Roger's music with other people. The music has brought so many people from so many countries together and it is truly amazing that we share such a connection with each other. The whole experience was wonderful (...oh it was beautiful, magical...). We all decided to live Supertramp-style in a farmhouse in the French countryside, as opposed to staying in an hotel. It was great to be able to spend some time together talking, singing and listening to music. We were also able to explore the beautiful Brittany countryside, driving along in a convoy of five cars from four different countries (France, Germany, Holland and Spain)!

Of course, the Excalibur show was the highlight. It was spectacular: great lighting, great musicians and great music. And the Great Man himself, Roger, was in top form. It is really good to see him perform, even if he is not playing his own music. He looks so happy and at home on the stage. Both he and Karuna spent some time talking with us, which was very special. Roger is always so generous with his time and he already gives us so much through his music. To think that he thought to call us on our last day is just amazing! My only regret is that other friends (particularly Anne, Lorna, Koen and Walter) could not be there with us to share the experience, but I am sure there will be many opportunities in the future. This is only the beginning...


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