2000 TOURS Roger Hodgson, France May

2000 TOURS Roger Hodgson, France May






Hi Jordi,
Yesterday at his fnac-Marseille showcase, i met and heard Roger for the very first time in live.
What a wondeful moment !
Roger sang alone : The meaning, even in the quietests moments, the more i look, death and a zoo, love is a thousand times.

Then, he played what the audience wanted him to execute. So, he continued with take the long way home, babaji, dreamer, in jeopardy, rosy (from "indelibly stamped") and he finished with give a little bit.

He took a break to answer people's many questions. So, i asked him to tell us about his tour promo dates. He told us that the 6 concerts in Europe for the promo tour were solo concerts with some specials guests like didier lockwood in Paris. But, he told us also, that he will go back 3 months in Europe to start a world tour at the end of the year and will perform in Marseille !!!

I just bought OTD today, it's brilliant and great as good as the "real" Supertramp time

Bye bye

Hi Jordi,

Like i promised, here are some informations about the Fnac showcase in Marseille.
The showcase was in the Fnac special place called Forum where artists often come to meet their public. We were about 150 people gathered, most of us about 40-50 years old. The scene was very closed to the audience as you can see on the photos I've taken.
Introduced to the public by a Fnac employee, Roger came very smily and cool , began his show about 17h45, .
He told us a few words about his feelings : "it's good to be back after all this time", "welcome to my party" and he tried to speak a little bit in French (not so bad indeed !). He began to sing "the meaning" and "even in the quietest moments".
He sang all the titles i mentioned in my first report and, as more as Roger was playing and singing, the audience reactions changed. At the very beginning, everybody was quietly listening to Roger, and at the end all the public was up for a standing ovation.
I have to say that one of the thing which surprised me the most, it's the kindness, the simplicity, the disponibility of Roger. He has absolutely not a "rockstar" behaviour. He's very close of his public




Hi everyone!I saw Roger, Alan Simon and his wife Daniela yesterday.I will send a full report to BIS but just for the moment, some news I got:

- Bataclan concert will be something really big with unreleased songs and we can expect Didier Lockwood to be there!

- There will be a live album released after the tour. Alan would like it to be in 3 parts: Solotramp, with a band, with a symphonic orchestra! It seems great but Alan is still trying to convince Roger to do it that way....

- The musician that will accompany him on his tour have not been chosen "not even a name", but Roger would like it to be a small formation even if he couldn't say how much musicians there would be. Alan though the rythmic part from OTD would be chosen but it seems Roger changed his mind! (it was really funny to see them both, how Alan was surprised and Roger just answering "no")

- He won't record other versions of the songs from Hai!Hai!

- OTD is released in UK (but I think you already knew) it was something really important for Roger and he was really desesperate at the difference there is between press and public in England.




Last friday (05/12/00), Roger Hodgson enjoyed us once again with a live concert at the colombia center in Rennes,

He first was interviewed by a French TV, TV Rennes, and explained that he was planning to start a tour in Europe after the summer (probably back in Rennes next october-november)

After that, he started playing : Don’t leave me now, Breakfast In America, The More I Look, Dreamer and School (with Alan Simon playing harmonica instead of a certain R… D…..)

There was many tears for everyone in the audience, since Roger’s Voice is terrible for the hearts.

Tonight he will be playing in Quimper for a few 200 lucky people…. I will have a bad night, but I will see him next monday in Paris….

Olivier Millardet (a deeply involved Roger’s Fan)


SHOWCASE - PARIS (May, 13th)

Christophe Davy
There were no really important news (except the fact that Bataclan is sold out, 1.500 people). There were 100 people for the show at la Fnac.
Here is the list of songs played by Roger :
Even in the quietest moments
Sister Moonshine
The Garden
The more I look
Breakfast in America
Take the long way home
Hide in your shell
A soapbox opera
Logical Song
Give a little bit (with all the crowd singing in the Fnac store !!!)

Fabrice noticed that Roger played an unknown song during the sound check before the show. Because I recorded the whole show, we listened to it again without recognizing it... Perhaps a song for the next album !


Alexandre Védère
Well, i'm not good in english but i'll try to tell you more about this show case. I arrived at the fnac at 11.30 am, and i think i was the first for the show. Roger arrived at 12am, with his guitar, and it was strange for me to see him, because it was the first time, and because there were no one around him. He started to try piano behind a wall, ant the crew put the piano and the guitar on the scene. At 12.15am,he came on the scene to try the sound, and microphones. we were about ten to listen him at this time. He sang some parts of the more i look, don't you want to get high. When he was at the piano, he asked us to choose a song....and i said "babaji". So he began the song. and i cried. i know him since i'm ten years old, and i'm waiting for him since this time.
So, to see him at two metres, playing babaji, just for me and ten persons...it was to hard!
At 13.05pm he began the show playing"even in the quietest moments", and "sister moonshine". he tried to talk in french, and we understood him. So he learns quickly!
After, he came to the piano, to play "the garden" and "the more i look", "breakfast in america" . It was a real dream. I also saw the men of the security, wich didn't know roger Hodgson ten minute before the show, singing with us! After a little interviewe, he introduced Alan Simon, who played harmonica on "take the long way home". After some questions of the public, one question: "can you sing "a soapbox opera"?" So he sang it, wonderful. After, i ask him "lady", and he sang it. Then "hide in your shell", "don't leave me now", "the logical song" and he finished with "give a little a bit" with everybody singing. He signed an old disc of me "dreamer" with on the b side "you started laughing", taken from the live "paris". So it was a wonderful day.
See you perhaps at the bataclan.


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