2000 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Zurich

2000 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Zurich


ROGER HODGSON in Zurich, 26th May

We went from Marseille to Zurich to assist Roger's concert (the 26 of may).
The concert was in the old city part of Zurich in a very beautiful theater called Kaufleuten.
When we came in, we saw Roger who was speaking with friends, very cool (he recognized us !) then he went to the backstage.
The audience of this concert was about 600 people.
As Roger said during the show "I thought switzerland people were very quiet!"
which means that the ambiance was very "hot".
I think 80% of the audience, was Supertramp fans knowing all the tittles sang by Roger.

The show began at 20H45 for 2 hours. Roger came on stage with his usual concert clothes.
He started with "Along came Mary" and continued with old and new songs :

"hide in your shell", "Dreamer", "School", "Easy does it" linked to "Sister moonshine" as in the album, "Two of us",
"Give a little bit", "Even in the quietest moments", he linked "only because of you" with an instrumental piano solo
version of "Fool's overture" and "Lord, is it mine ?", "The logical song", "Breakfast in America", "Take the long way home", "It's raining again", "Don't leave me now", "In jeopardy", "Death and a zoo" (a fantastic version), "Love is a thousand times", "Say goodbye", "Open the door" and "Lonely child".

He closed the concert with the complete version of "Fool's overture" It was very a briliant and warmth concert.
Roger gave a lot of himself and the audience gave him much more back during this evening.

Roger told again that he probably will came back in Europe at the end of the year for the OTD world tour.
I really hope that is going to happen this way.

Bye, Laurent


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