2000 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Amsterdam June

2000 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Amsterdam June


Hi Jordi

Finally, after a lot of problems with my computer again, here's the Amsterdam report, with pictures.

Like Roger's last visit in Holland, it was 'Raining again' (surely Roger wrote this song in Holland :-))............see the picture.....

We (Jan & Allianda, Monique & Hans & Kimmy & Andy and Peggy) picked up Gudrun and Fabrice and met Benoit and Jerome in the restaurant of the 'Bijenkorf', a big store. More or less together we arrived early at the 'Melkweg'. There we met Neil Scully and David Smith (I didn't know Sarah had a brother :-)) from the mailing-list! And a little later Johan and Gertude arrived too.

Alan was already there and invited us to the soundcheck!! That was great, although only part of us could go in,
because of the policy of the 'Melkweg'. For me, it didn't feel good to leave the others behind....

Anyway, we had the chance to talk to Roger a little after the soundcheck. He looked very relaxed. That was different in Paris!!!

There Roger was very nervous, only logical of course, the first promo show!!!

After this, we went to an Italian restaurant and had something to eat (without Roger of course :-))

Later, around 21.00 hours, the show started!! There were about 800-900 people, and they were all enthusiastic!!!!


1 The meaning
2 Even in the quietest moments
3 Along came Mary
4 Breakfast in America
5 Open the door
6 Hide in your shell
7 Love is a thousand times
8 Easy does it
9 Sister moonshine
10 Take the long way home
11 Lord is it mine
12 Lonely child
13 The garden
14 Death and a zoo
15 Say Goodbye
16 Don't leave me now
17 Soapbox opera
18 If everyone was listening
19 Babaji
20 It's raining again
21 Dreamer
22 Logical song
23 Two of us
24 Give a little bit
25 Fool's overture

When Roger played 'The long way home', Alan came on stage to play the mouth-organ !! It was perfect!! See the picture!

During the show Roger invited the youngest son of Benoit to sit in the chair on stage, because it wasn't so comfortable for Benoit and his son sitting on Benoit's shoulders all the time!! It was so cute to see him sitting there on stage!! Of course, Benoit was a real pride father then :-)) See the picture!

This time Roger had some time left after the show to give autographs and make pictures. But....everything comes to an end so Roger had to go too. He left as a real megastar in a big car............(see the picture)

Thanks for giving us so much joy again, Roger!! I was so lucky to see the first and the last show of Roger's promotour.
The first show in Paris was like a dazzling storm coming over us, all those 1500 crazy fans singing together!!! It was SO great!!!
The last show in Amsterdam had a great atmosphere too!!! It was a smaller venue and less people as in Paris and
maybe that is why I experienced the show as more intimate, like former shows. Roger seemed to be closer to the people.

But both shows were great experiences again!!
I can only hope for the American fans, that they'll soon have a chance to see Roger too!!

All the best from Holland!
Peggy de Vries
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