2004 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Art on ice January

2004 TOURS Roger Hodgson, Art on ice January



Zurich, January 2010

"Grüezi" (Hello) from Switzerland, the place of "Art on Ice"

To all Supertramp fans:
It's crazy, for the first time in almost 21 years, the two signatures sounds of Supertramp were be reunited, the high tenor voice of Roger Hodgson and the unique sound of John Helliwell's saxophone were playing for "Art on Ice". C'est le bon this outstanding combination, together with Barclay James Harvest, Fleetwood Mac's Jeremy Spencer and Justin Hayward from the Moody Blues, were providing the show. Performing on the ice are, among others, World Champion and child of vision Evgeny Plushenko and Swiss figure skater, lady Sarah Meier and lover boy Stéphane Lambiel.

As a gala event "Art on Ice" sets a new standard for major arena productions with a combination of the greatest visual and acoustic performances. Originated in Switzerland the "Art on Ice" shows were hailed as a new dimension of entertainment. After my announcement to Jordi for his website, Breakfast in Spain", it was nice to see that a lot of Supertramp fans from all over the world were travelled to Zurich.

Jordi the poor boy, were couldn't enjoy the show, was writing me, that Miguel Angel Candela (MAC) from Spain will comming. So I was picking up MAC at the airport and later we met some other Supertramp fans, Giuseppe and Laura from Italy. Now I know who you are!!! Through the long journey, they were hungry, so we went to a fast food restaurant for to satisfy one's hunger. After having dinner two of us (Guiseppe and Laura went to the Saturday night show of "Art on Ice" during Mac and I were looking for an other bed, than we were decide that all will spend the night at my flat. After the show we were picking up the two Italian guest and went to the Mövenpick hotel, were all artist from "Art on Ice" were staying.

MAC and Annie were arranging an appointment with John Helliwell, many thanks to them for giving me a magical moment with John. Arrived at the hotel we were sitting in the lobby and had a casual conversation with other Supertramp fans Annie, Gudrun, Fabrice and some more. Waiting for the boys in Supertramp. After few minutes a page open the door and the artist of "Art on Ice" came into the hotel lobby. Suddenly John Helliwell came in and walked directly to MAC and said "hello my friend" and embraced him gently. MAC was answering "nice John that you came to Switzerland to see me again", you started laughing. Jessie Siebenberg came also into our round and we had a fine time for chatting.

We were spending hours in the hotel lobby as Giuseppe were saying to Laura, oh darling you looks tired, so we went home again. Everybody fall tired and full of adventures into the bed, were we all say goodbye to the old day. Hardly fall in sleep as the alarm clock start to ring. We were standing up and had our Breakfast in America. After Breakfast Giuseppe and Laura went back to Italy, so they take the long way home with her car. MAC put on your old brown shoes and we went to the "Art on Ice" stadium were we met an other Supertramp fan calling Fernando. Now we were ready for the show and everything seems to be bloody well right. The show opened the starlight icekater team to the music of one of the best classical violinists. Les Holroyd and Mel Pritchard from Barclay James Harvest was than the high lights in the first half of the show. Our guys were on second half which opened with the Gaia band.

The first two song was fronted and initiated by Justin Hayward from Moody Blues, additionally with John Helliwell playing that wonderful flute solo on his clarinet. For the bass beat was Jessie Siebenberg responsible and Jeremy Spencer from Fleedwood Mac were doing the electric gimmicks. Alain Simon were also on stage, playing guitar. Justin Hayward has lost nothing of his power and sensitivity, it's alright. After this two songs came Jeremy Spencer in front and were playing Carlos Santana's world hit single, "Black Magic Woman", which was written by Fleetwood Mac founder Peter Green.

Then came the time of Jessie Siebenberg, he renditioned the hit song, "Love calls Love", in the style of the Beatles. The song was superb live and it was a great delight to hear Jessie's crystal clear voice.Then was time for the former and voice of Supertramp, Roger Hodgson, he was step on stage and he benefit a big clapping from the round 9'000 spectators. He start playing "Take the long way home" during Stéphane Lambiel Swiss Champion icekater, was slide over the icefield to this lovely song.

After playing this song, Roger went in front and speech to the audience; please give a little bit to Surya Bonaly theWorld Champion in icekating. She was slide over the icefield like a sister moonshine, during Roger Hodgson was playing that song perfectly. Then did John Helliwell his maestro speech to the audience, beginning with; there are 3 things I like about the Swiss, first: cheese, you and finally….. from Schaffhausen - watches. He was looking at his watch and said; I see that my Swiss watch tells me that it's time to play, "The logical Song. To this song and with the clapping-beat from the audience, icekater, World Champion, Evgeny Plushenko was sliding over the ice like a "Cannonball".
Then was following the final, which was wonderful. All icekater were dancing and sliding as a "Free as a bird" on the ice to "It's raining again".The skaters brought out the blue umbrellas and the rain started, were they turned the sprinklers onto the icefield With the lights it has looked fantastic, a moment for "dreamer".

After the show we went to the hotel back for waiting of the artist to "say goodbye". We were "waiting so long" of Roger Hodgson, John Helliwell and Jessie Siebenberg. What a magical moment again to get in touch with them again.

I will thank to all, it was so interesting and exciting to met some other Supertramp fans all over the world, especially to MAC, Annie, Guiseppe, Laura, Fabrice and Fernando, it was nice to met you and to speak to you all. I enjoyed the weekend with you all a lot and you know you are always welcome. From now on , I'm looking forward to see you and to hear from you, so keep in touch.

Don't forget, "Art on Ice" will be on tv SFDRS 1 at 20.05 h local time, 31. jan.04. You should not miss that and I hope everybody enjoyed the show too, as I did.
Pictures will follow as soon as possible….. until - take care and look after yourself lot's of love and happiness from the boy from Switzerland.

Roger Tanner

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