Benidorm, nine fifteen in the night.

Lovely night in Spain, spring time in the bullring, full of people (9.000 people? ) People are singing due to the short delay.

The courtain fall, a few seconds of suspense.... an harmonica starts sounding, the courtain is opened and voilá....

Rick sitting in the wurlitzer playing the harmonica. Audience is claping. Mark starts singing and Jesse is in the grand-piano !!!
Seven musician on stage, Rick, John, Bob, Jesse, Mark, Carl and Cliff. Thers's not trumpet !!!
Good for me :o) I don't like trumpet in Supertramp...)
John is again the leader in the front stage. Some times he's joking with Carl, the lead guitar.

After the two first songs, John says hello to the audience, as usual, and remind us this is the first concert of the tour !!!
The sound is perfect. The Rick's voice is great. We (Jordi, Jose Antonio, me, and other friends) are in the first row in front of John, leant in the fence, 3 meters distance. John, as usual, lovely, doing jokes for the audience, give us some signs, Jose Antonio is imitating John some times with the arms, or is John imitating Jose Antonio ???
I have some doubts ..... The big movie-screen is opened at first time in Canonnball. The screen is giant, behind the stage, like in the 86 and 88 tours !!! But, just a few seconds of film, in a few songs.
BTW, the video of the train and the Universe are showed at the end of the concert, and what a really great ending !!! (Rudy and Crime) When the band plays the old hits, the crowd is encouraging.

Jordi and Jose Antonio are calling to Jorge and Walter several times ..... I don't want to see the phone ticket ....
First surprise....they play "Asylum" !!!! John is joking with an old telephone when he's speaking in this song "Hello, good morning, how are you ???" a big contrast with the drama and the faces of Rick. This is really great !!!! The crowd is surrended.
Second surprise, Jesse appears with a 12 strings guitar playing "Give a little bit" !!! and the band follow him.

The people is clapping. The voice of Jesse is not similar to the Roger's voice. This voice is similar to some cover I've heard before, and sounds good, a little more "heavy" than Roger.
What a wonderful moment when the musicians go out and Rick is alone playing "Downstream" in the grand-piano, a beautiful version, but a little fast. Thanks Rick !!
Last song is "Goodbye Stranger", after that the guys say goodbye from the stage. Bob recognize us and send us a sign. Thanks Bob !!! Nice man.

But they have not performed Rudy !!! I'm confident they will play it in the encore. opssss....., yes, that's rigth. Four songs in the encore. Rudy and Crime sounds great. Bob is in a good shape !!!!
The concert finish as usual, with the last note of Crime of he century while the guys are going out in the dark. During a few minutes the people remain still, they don't want to go away. We have to keep the images and sounds in our brains. It was incredible. I enjoyed a lot, I found this concert better than the last one (1997).
Don't miss it !!! By chance I will attend 4 or 5 concerts more !!!


Duration: 2 hours and fifteen minutes.
From the STNC album, just Sooner or later. I supose Rick needs some songs of Mark just for rest his voice.
Rick is not playing drums in this song as usual, Jesse is doing that !!!. Bob's son is quite leader in the show: solo-guitar (i.e. Crime of the Century), drums, acoustic guitar, piano and more instruments.....
The band uses again some ironic jokes from the old times......the telephone, the megaphone, the umbrella !!! In the begining of the another man's woman they install an umbrella and a man with a black glasses sitting in a beach-chair... John invites him with a wine glass.
Rick was quite happy when he said hello to the audience. More funny than usual.
I can't believe that they haven't played Ain't nobody but me. The same with Breakfast (ok) No blues covers (good for me !!! I prefer the songs of Supertramp)
Again without "Lover boy" and "Waiting so long"....
Five songs from the Crime of the Century .... excellent !!!



Photo: Bob & MAC


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