ROGER HODGSON - Live DVD 2006 Interview transcript

ROGER HODGSON - Live DVD 2006 Interview transcript

 -Take the long way home - DVD

Full Transcription from the DVD



"The Awakening", oh, that´s a beautiful song, letting go and coming into newness.

Yes, a brand new story, it certainly is. It´s been a ling journey, and I´ve never felt better, and felt more alive and more excited about life and it is a brand new story.

So is this your first DVD?

Yes, this is my first DVD. It was… it came together in a little rush, but it was wonderful the way the right people and the right combination of everything just all seemed to miraculously appear at the right time and it just felt right. It was my first time in Montreal for many years and there were some wonderful creative teams put together for this.

I heard on that solo album, In the eye of the storm, that you played all the instruments yourself.

Yes, when I produced "Eye of the Storm", I played all the instruments and sang all the harmonies as well as obviously composing all the music and writing the lyrics and stuff.

So Roger, is there anything else that you do or used to do in the studio?

Well, producing is probably one of my fortes, I mean with Supertramp I was definitely one of the main producers of most of the albums and I would really put together and plan out the whole journey, the concept of the album and spend days and weeks doing that and for me that´s a large part of what production is.

So Roger, I thought that you and Rick wrote the songs, then the band created the music during jam sessions

No, that´s …. Definitely didn´t work that way, I know it works that way for a lot of bands, but for me, no, the song really were complete in the whole composition, kind of like, I liken it to an artist who is painting a picture, he´s just painted half the picture, and then hw shows it to the world, and they judge it, and want to change it or whatever, it´s gonna confuse the artist and the artist’s vision. It´s the same for me, I had to keep it to myself until it was all complete and I had the whole picture before I took it to the band.

So for the songs that you wrote, not only did you write the lyrics but you wrote the music as well.

I, well I did everything, yes I composed the music, I wrote the lyrics, I mean, obviously because they were very personal songs to me, and even though there were times I did try to get help with the lyrics, it really didn´t work. Because it wasn´t just the meaning of the lyrics that I had to resonate with, but it was the musicality of the lyrics that I had to sing and they had to really feel like a part of my being, and they had to really roll off my tongue very easily and roll out of my heart very easily, and so it actually never worked, collaborating lyrically with anyone else.

So how would they learn their parts ?

Well, they would learn the parts by listening to the demo. Actually, when I started Supertramp I was the bass player, I started on bass, bass player. When Rick and I formed Supertramp, I should say, we, you know, that was my first instrument, and I´ve always really heard bass parts very clearly in my head, so Dougie and I would work many, many hours where I would really teach him the bass, really, pretty much, because I was very, very exact with what I wanted for the bass lines and I would teach Dougie at length what I wanted him to play. And even Bob, the drummer, was the same. I liken the drums to just another instrument in an orchestra, every part you play, every drum beat, every snare beat, is important, and for me, music is the art of space, it´s what you don´t play is as important as what you play and so we would literally go through the song, beat by beat, and write the drum part, pretty much, with Bob, and Bob obviously would have input, especially when it came to fills, but the actual rhythm and the feel and the structure of what to play was very much orchestrated.

So when you´re actually showing the other musicians what to play, what would that role be called ? Composer ? Conductor ?

I would say for me, anyway, that´s part of being a whole composer. I know there are many songwriters who write a song and they don´t have a clue how to arrange them. Well for me I heard the song and the arrangement, I heard the whole picture in my head or it came to me when I made a demo by myself, I had to be alone to do it. But arranging is something that comes very easy to me.

So I´m listening to you right now and in some ways you´ve always been a solo artist, even though you started out with a band, have you even thought about that ?

Yes, in a funny way, I think that´s right, I´ve never really seen it that way, but I have always been a very self-contained solo artist, songwriter, composer, and had a wonderful band to take my ideas to, and to interpret them and play them, play my songs, my compositions, but yes, in a way, I was always a solo artist within a band, I think that is correct.

From what I´ve read, the songs that you really wrote are the songs that you sing on all the albums, and the songs that Rick wrote are the songs that he sings. Is that true ?

Yes, that is true, although there´s a lot of confusion because all the songs say, Written by Davies / Hodgson, that was really something that never got changed from the very early days when Rick and I joined up. In the very early days, there was more of a collaboration, he would come up with come chords, I would write a melody, and actually a third musician would write the lyrics, and then that man left the band, and when Rick and I continued, it was just left Davies / Hodgson, and even though, very soon after that, both Rick and I became stronger as writers or more independent as writers, and really, there was no collaborating when it came to writing.

Kind of like John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

Very similar to Lennon and McCartney, even though they kept the song-writing credit, the two of them, I don´t believe it was pretty early on in their career that they were writing separately.

So do you play any of the songs that Rick wrote in your concerts?

No, I couldn´t play any of Rick´s songs in concert, it wouldn´t feel right, and it wouldn´t sound right, and it would … I couldn´t do it. I love his songs but I definitely couldn´t.

So why wouldn´t it be right if you don´t mind me asking ?

Well, for me, my songs are a very personal expression. They´re songs that were written from a deep place within me, and when I sing those songs, I´m going to that deep place within me, or trying to access that place within me to express them, and for me music is an expression of my heart and soul and what helps me access a deeper side of myself.

And it seems like a lot of this younger audience recently got to know you, I guess through your charity work that you did with I believe it was Cartoon Network, and for the tsunami and Katrina, and "Give a Little Bit" was the theme song

Yes, it was obviously when I saw the images of the tsunami, I was affected as well all were, and I was just very fortunate that I had a song, "Give a Little Bit", that quite a few organizations wanted to use to raise funds, raise awareness, to help people get involved to help out.

And the Cartoon Network with the children, can you tell me a little bit more about that?

Yes, and one of my, one of the organizations that approached me was the Cartoon Network and they had a wonderful campaign that I got quite involved with, which was very heart-warming for me, which was kids helping other kids, because of all the people in the world who wanted to do something, kids actually didn´t have a way to do anything, and the Cartoon Network gave them a way to get involved and contributing in a lot of different ways, and "Give a Little Bit" actually became the theme song for that.



Tell me at that time when you wrote the songs, was it like everybody was jamming and was putting a little bit of himself in the song or..

No, it´s interesting, when I write a song, or a piece of music comes through, it almost has a life span of three to four weeks, and I guard it, it´s like a process I have to go through and part of that process is actually capturing or making a demo of the song on some kind of tape, with the entire picture, because over that three-to-four-week time, the song will, I´ll begin to get the whole picture, and I will hear the bass part, I will hear the drum part, I will hear arrangements, I will hear the harmonies, I can hear exactly where the song wants to go. And I have to get it down myself on something on a tape, before I take it to the band, because if I take it to the band too soon, then I won´t get the picture, it will be confused, I´ll forget what I was hearing. So, always there was a, the songs really don´t come from jams with the band, they were songs that I wrote when I was alone, and then they would come to me over a two, three, four-week time period.

How you started to write "The Awakening"?

"The Awakening", well, again, it´s a, I think why I like the 12-strings is that the 12-strings have a really drony quality, they´re very, almost has an Eastern kind of, and it´s always been… much more than the 6-strings, it´s been an instrument that has just been able to take me, so I mean, I´ll just be doodling, and I´ll start playing something like this, and then I´ll just, it´s not like I´ll hear the melody, it´ll just come to me, I don´t know, I just start hearing the whole picture…. "By the time you wake and forgive yourself your mistakes, it´s the time it takes to rewrite your story, it´s a brand new day and the grace is flowing your way as your heart breaks free, rewrite your story, all you know, all must go for the awakening, for you are wakening".


Tell me about this song "The Awakening".

"The Awakening", well, it´s really about rewriting your story, I mean, I think we go through a lot in life, in a way we often live many lives within one life and for me, rewriting your story is very much about letting go the past, releasing the past, forgiving yourself for the past, forgiving others for the past, and that´s the way you become free, really, is just by letting it all go.

I think Supertramp, that era of Supertramp that I was involved with, I was very instrumental in, in what we achieved, obviously in the writing, I mean, so many of the songs were mine and a lot of the songs that were successful were mine, but there was a spirit, and a passion and a drive, I mean, I had been brought up with The Beatles, and I saw how they hade affected me and they changed my life, and so I kind of took that as my, they were like my mentors in a way, and I took that into Supertramp, and I really wanted Supertramp to leave something to the world, or give something to the world. So it was a real… it was a very strong passion within me. .

You had an anthology album that came out, "Retrospectacle".

"Retrospectacle". Yeah.

Thirty-two tracks. How many tracks did you write on 32 tracks ?

Yes, well, it was a, "Retrospectacle" was a retrospective, an anthology, of I guess 32 years that Supertramp has been in existence in one way or t´other, including the 14 years that I was with the band and then, whatever it is, the 23 years after I left the band, or since I left the band, and of the songs that were picked, yes I was involved, I was part of, or on the recording of, 27 of them and had some kind of involvement on four of the others, too.

The songs on "Breakfast in America" were written before you were in Supertramp.

Some of them were written, yeah. "Breakfast in America", for example, was written before I even met Rick, I believe, and we formed Supertramp. It´s interesting, I mean, people think of them as Supertramp songs, but they are really not.

They´re your songs.

I mean, I play them today, and they´ve always been my songs, I happened to record them with Supertramp but and some I didn´t record with Supertramp. But I remember the day they were born and they came through me and I wrote them and that´s the relationship I have with them. I mean I am happier than I have ever been today and I think that´s largely because I made that, at the time, pretty courageous decision to leave the band at the height of its success and follow my heart, and do what my heart was telling me, which was "Okay, that´s complete, now it´s time to be with your children and learn how to be a parent". And now that phase is over and now I´m back, you know, focusing more on music and doing that again, but in a different place and a very healthier place, because of everything I´ve been through.

I know these songs are, were my songs before Supertramp, during Supertramp, after Supertramp, and when I go on stage, I mean, Supertramp was a wonderful era of my life, but it´s past now, and, but my songs haven´t passed, my songs are as alive for today as the day I wrote them and so that´s continued. So, I don´t feel like, even though the audience are thinking Supertramp, because that´s the filter in a way, that the songs came through to them, for me I´m playing my songs to them and I think that they feel that in the show. They can, that´s why, actually, I love doing solo shows, is because it´s back to the essence of the song, it´s not even the arrangement that we put around the song, it´s the song as I wrote it, but done in a very, done by who I am now, and they sound different because of all the changes I´ve been through, and who I am now, also.

I´m going to give you, like, titles of songs, and you´re gonna tell me what it makes you think of. Maybe an anecdote, or maybe something that happened, or your kids, or you know, a trip… Something, okay?

"Dreamer": I remember making the demo of "Dreamer", it was in my mother´s house, in this very cold back room of her house, and I remember setting up and I had this funky little two-track tape recorder and I made this very magical demo, banging cardboard boxes and light shades and tin cans, and just making all kinds of noises, with this Wurlitzer piano, and I literally made this demo I think in one day, or two days, maybe, and I forget, five years later, maybe, when Rick and I joined up, and we were making "Crime of the Century" and we were trying to record "Dreamer", we couldn´t recreate the magic that I had captured on this demo and so what we actually ended up doing is we put the demo on two tracks of the multi-track and we ended up just trying to duplicate everything on this demo, so we played along with it, and played along to it, I should say, and that way we somewhat captured a lot of what I captured in very rough form on this demo, and so that´s why "Dreamer" has such a unique character, I mean, there is a lot of sounds on, there´s boxes, cardboard boxes, all kinds of sounds, mouth noises, all kinds of sounds on that.

"Logical Song": Well, it´s funny, you know, I often for many years I complained about being sent away to boarding school but I have to say that it spawned a lot of great songs, and "Logical Sons" was one of them. "When I was young, it seemed that life was so wonderful", I mean, I do remember being very, very happy as a young kid. Very happy, and I see eight-millimetre movies of me, and I was just a joy bubble. I was very happy. And then I see later eight-millimetre movies after they´ve sent me to school, and I´ve got stress on my life, and I´ve got stress lines on my face already, and so something happened when I got sent away to school. I started getting confused, you know, and the joy kind of started leaving me. But so this song, you know, is very much "When I was young they sent me away to teach me how to be sensible" and they left me with the question, "Please tell me who I am", you know, I want to remember that joyful being that came into this world.

"Take the Long Way Home": That is a song I remember writing , "Take the Long Way Home" is a fun lyric, because it´s a real multi-level lyric, I mean, for me, "Take the Long Way Home" is take the long way home to who we truly are, take the long way home to our heart, to finding ourselves again, but it´s intermingled with all kinds of other stuff, you know, your wife thinking you´re part of the furniture, and life´s crazy, but take the long way home, and we do, I mean, we do get caught up in so many trips in life, and but ultimately I believe why we´re here is to try and find our true home, which is our true self, and getting back in touch with our heart and soul, and so it´s a song that really talks about the journey of life.

"Lord, Is It Mine ?": It is just one of many songs that I have sung to God as I know, Him, Her, that place in my heart that I just feel very much at home and at peace, and, I don´t know, I love that song, of all my songs, I love singing that almost the most, it´s a very comforting song, it just takes me to a deep place very easily, and.

Would it be your favourite ?

It´s definitely one of my favourites, yeah

You have toured all over the world, is there one song that always gets the people, like, you know, the public is very different from one town to another, but one song that you sing that you know that is going to get to people ?

Well, the great thing about my show is I have such a collection of songs now to pull from, and there are so many people like. If I had to choose one song, I have to say, the song it´s "Give a Little Bit". There´s something about that son that, the moment I start playing it, I can see people´s faces just light up and it´s almost like they want to put their arms around each other, it really does bring out the heart in people, and I think in concerts, I mean people want to be taken somewhere, I mean, they come from stressed-out work, or wherever they´ve come from, and they drive all that distance to go to a show to be given something. And to me, "Give a Little Bit" gives them something, maybe more than, or maybe it´s a culmination of all the songs, but then finishing with that one just opens them right up, and it´s just the perfect song to go home with.





A.   Sound check: 

Hi, Gerard
Hello, how are you?
Hello, waking up, waking up
Thank you
Could you bring my other guitar?
This way. Hey buddy, how are you?
How you doing? No hand available.
Thanks for bringing these straps and stuff.
There he is.
Hey Roger, all right!
Nick! Hey! How are you?
How are you?
I’m okay. Pleasure to meet you
And you, man, and you.
I am giving them support here, trying to start the programme
Want me to take the guitar?
Let me take a look a that. Yeah
I´ll let you take…. I´m just wondering if we need to reboot the machine
I´ve reseated the FireWire, the WOW2…
Want me to grab your coffee? You good?
Yeah, yes, thank you
The WOW2 is sitting okay, but the racks…. Okay
Could you grab my Sennhelser headphones from the ….
From my bag in the room?
Yeah, and I left the other guitar just right here
The big ones
Yeah, I´ve got a great flashlight here
Here, Rog, Okay
Yeah, so you have the Pendulum and then the Traveler
Okay. Pendulum MOW2, right?
And then I took the cables out of here, that were in here…
And they´re going direct into these DI´s.
Yeah, okay. Good. All right?
Is that gonna be there?
That thing?
Once it´s in position, they´ll move it
That´s the Cadillac, so that after it´s tuned, that way they can still move it
That way, yeah, you really don´t have to worry about the tuning thing
Bank, what is it, Bank A?
That´s interesting, oh, okay
You got one …
Try that?
Here we go
So that´s why I was thinking you might need it to reboot, but if it´s all …
I went through your emails. There´s nothing …
You only got a couple of jokes, but we left them behind
Yeah, I´m doing some festivals in…
I heard
In Europe.
I grew up with you guys. You know?
Jarry Park, in Montreal …
Yeah? You were at Jarry Park?
Oh, yeah !
Remember that keyboard exploding at Jarry Park?
You do?
That was like an electrical shock that went through the whole place
Everybody was talking about it, right? And they had clips on it, etc.
It was "Logical", too.
You know what it was? It was the ….
The ground?
No, one of the tines in the Wurlitzer broke
Oh, Jeez!
And then fell across the two other tines and just created this huge explosion
I don´t know. It was a great show, but I don´t think we recovered from that.
It was like, "Oh, my God!"
Oh, yeah, exactly, that was a …..
This is yours…
Oh, yes.
I kept it warm
Okay, you drink some?
No, no, I´m okay. Okay
Good. Hello
He’s a cameraman, too.
You´re the camera over there? Okay
I have something to ask you before…. Okay
I have the same one
You have two?
I have one for you.
This is part two?
A big … a big fan
Try something with the camera, for that song and everything
And maybe after that, I think that you know that then he wants to hear some song, play some song, maybe two or three, just with different type of beat, and …
No problem
Yeah, yeah, a lot of very creative people, part of this. It´s wonderful to work with such a wonderful team
You coming, Aaron?
He´s probably… I think he´s already gone. Yeah
Excuse me. Could I ask you to help?
That sounds pretty good
That is left, right.. yeah
Roger is larger than life, in a lot of ways, you know? A genuine man, I love working with him, he´s extremely meticulous, very, very talented, and I love being a part of this show, I love being a part of Roger´s music
Do you want me to sing it in unison?
Like I said, I grew up with this music, knowing it and loving it, and even still, I´m getting to know it even more, even more, there´s music that I didn´t even know existed before and I´m learning all these tunes, so it´s just… it´s amazing it´s wonderful to be a part of.


B  Fans´ impressions

For me, it was high school, as I remember high school, we used some of the songs in our plays, and for me that´s a memory of high school that I´ve kept, loving the music ever since and to be here is an absolute fantastic moment.

Through the years, I´ve always continued to play and listen to this music and I decided I was going to take my boys, then, at that age, 16 and 14, to Del Coronado to this concert, to hear Roger

We need to preface it, that we our children have grown up with this music, since we love this music, our children love this music, so that´s why it kind of became an important part of our family was because it was something from our past, that we were carrying forward to our future.

My favourite song? You know, with his music it really depends on my emotions and what I´m feeling at that time but because my favourite song is …is all of them, actually, a lot of them, and they become my favourite songs at different times in my life, so one day I might just kind of listen to it and not think about it, and pick one, pick one ..

Come on!

"Lord Is It Mine?", that is my favourite, all-time, yeah, it just chills, chills, it goes through my veins, yeah

98, we went and saw you at Las Vegas, well, and Santa Barbara and Los Angeles and we got married after the show, we´ve been happily-ever-after

So my daughter, Amanda, hooked up behind my back on email with Nick, Roger´s brother and she wanted to do something special for me for Christmas, this was in 2001, so long story short, she, Roger emails her back at her work, says, hey, what´s your dad´s favourite album? And blah, blah, blah, and Christmas morning, I opened up a CD and it says, Merry Christmas from Roger and Amanda, and to me it was so special, a guy like this to take the time at Christmastime to do that personal touch, shows what a guy he was, and then the last time we saw him was at a private party down in San Diego again at the Hotel Del Coronado, it was kind of a private function, and I finally got to meet him that night, it was a moment I´ll never forget.

I´ve loved their music since "Crime of the Century" which was released in ´74, when everybody heard "School" for the very first time, they were blown away by the musicianship of the band and then followed every album afterwards, from "Crisis? What Crisis?" to "Even in the Quietest Moments", everybody when I was growing up, loved "Fool’s Overture", and everybody was sad when after "Famous Last Words", Roger left, they split the team and the group was never the same.

Five, four, three, two, one,

I´m very happy to be here tonight, happy to see him back in Montreal

I have seen Supertramp live every time they came to Montreal if they were at the Jarry Park two nights, I was there for the two nights

The first time I met him in San Diego it was for like a small show, the second time was in Kitchener, just last week

The time that we were just teenagers and we were growing up, trying to find a girlfriend, and meeting people, enjoying life,

Roger was an integral part of Supertramp, song writing, just the voice. I mean, the first few notes of his voice, you knew that it was Roger singing and it was always feel-good songs, I mean, there were never songs about depression, always song about love, hope, you know, fun stuff.

And it´s pretty good cause it stayed with the time and now we´re young people and we are still liking it, so it must be pretty good.

Roger Hodgson is the heart of Supertramp for me, he´s always in my heart, also.

He´s an outstanding musician, great songwriter, he´s funny, and he´s a funny gay, I mean, we heard him on CHOM last Thursday when he was with in the morning show with Terry DiMonte and Ted Bird, and he has… you know, he´s a very funny guy, probably a nice guy to sit down at a pub, have a beer with.

The ultimate Supertramp sound, he has that marvelous voice, you know, he can go very high, the high-pitched voice and you can´t miss Roger Hodgson because, you know, he has this unmistakable sound to his voice

About 10 years ago, I was the first one to do a website about Supertramp on the Internet. And that´s why one day Roger Hodgson sent me an email, and wrote me that he way my website and it was cool, first I thought it was a joke, but later I found out it was really him, so I told him in the email that my dream was to meet him one day and he said, when I am gonna go in Montreal, I am gonna call you, and he did it, and I met him, it was wonderful.

To me Supertramp is Roger


C.   Backstage Pass 

Montreal, Le public in Montreal, fantastic, so, you Quebecois, very passionate, and beautiful, really beautiful.

Thank so much for letting me share the stage with you, it was amazing, thank you, it was my first Place des Arts tonight.

First time here?

First time here, so me, too !!

Oh, yeah !!

It´s an amazing place, isn´t it?

Yeah, thank you so much, and you, well you did great. You did great, warmed them up for me. Thank you

Well, thank you so much, I have been doing this, I was enjoying listening to you through the Intercom. Yeah,

Well, thank you, you´re inspiring me, and I hope to do the same thing as you do in 30 years, 40 years, and… thank so much

Great, good luck to you, man

Thank you, bye, good luck to you, thanks.

Hey, Kim, how are you doing?

Hi, Roger

I´m great, How are you?

It was a fabulous show. Fabulous show, hope that you felt all that energy from the crowd. It was just great

Yeah, I did.

And the welcome was… nothing like Montreal, yeah, great, great.

So I don´t need to be on the camera any more!

I´m just embarrassing her!

Embarrass the promoter!

Thank you very much, I´m all red now!

Where are we going?

We´re going again soon. Hi.

I´m Shakti, and I´m part of the Harmonic Management team that manages Roger, and I just want to say what a wonderful experience it is working with Roger, he is one of the most beautiful, generous, warm-hearted, loving human beings that I´ve ever met, and I think that comes through in his music, and it comes through in his concerts, and it´s probably one reason the fans love him so much and follow him around the world, and have for years, it´s because who he is, as a soul here, shines through and comes through, and it´s just a beautiful gift to work with him, I´m amazed, not only by who he is as a human being but as a very multi-talented musician and composer, and really experiencing his solo shows, it´s so deeply touching every time, it´s so deeply moving, no matter how many times I hear him sing the songs, again and again, and then to experience his different kinds of shows, like his orchestra shows, it´s a whole different, full, rich journey

and to know that not only does he write these incredible compositions, but he works on the orchestra charts, and he works with the musicians to have his music come through in the way that he know will really touch people.

It was just one standing ovation after another, yeah, it was non-stop, I bet you didn´t have that in the timing of the show

He ran an extra 20 minutes just to do that. Yeah

It´s really wonderful to see Roger being recognized now for who he is, and the part that he played in Supertramp because I found that most people don´t really realize how much he was the force behind the magic that was created, not only as the writer and composer of most of the hits that we really love, but he did a lot of the arranging and the producing, and really held that together, and really helped create the phenomenon that Supertramp became.

The first show I ever saw was with him, in 1979 at Jarry Park. It was Supertramp

Oh, really? You were together? Wow !

That´s right!

Thirty years ago.

Sixteen years old, and probably snuck a case of beer, and that boiling, scorching weather,

We were there at 7:00 in the morning, so that was great

You think I can take a picture of you three?



And so it´s beautiful now to experience in his solo shows and sometimes the people come and they are thinking What is this gonna be? Just you know, one man on stage, just one person, and they don´t really know, and then I hear, again and again, Wow, that was what I remember, that´s what I´ve been longing to hear. That´s the sound, those are the songs that bring back the memories of my youth, it´s his signature voice, it´s part of it,  and so much of what he brought to Supertramp, it all comes through in his solo shows. And I just hear them say again and again, he doesn´t need the band, this is a one-man orchestra.

Hi, what´s your name? Alish.  What´s it? Alish. Alice? Alish. Right

Thank you very much.

My pleasure. Enjoy the show.

Hey! Look at you !

Hey, how are you? How´s everything?

Thank you.

What for?

For being you!

Well, thank you for that.

All right, oh, it´s amazing, Roger, you´ve brought us so many years of good music

Who´s got the camera?

I don´t know, but somebody

Or are we just standing here? Thank you so much. Thank you, Roger, this has been a pleasure.

Congratulations! We had a blast. It´s so beautiful, it was so beautiful, really wonderful, how´s everything?

You look so good.


I saw you on the television the other day.

Yeah, that´s what she just told me.

I´m so happy for you!

Thanks, we had a great time, really

It´s beautiful, just like, you know, solo? It´s unbelievable, yeah, it´s really something. And the songs, they´re so rich, they don´t need anything else to fill the rest, I had a blast. Really thanks a lot.


* Full Transcription By Alvaro


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