ROGER HODGSON in Nurnberger Nachrichten, August 2010

ROGER HODGSON in Nurnberger Nachrichten, August 2010


Fans are being fooled

Roger Hodgson criticizes his ex-partner Rick Davies who is doing an anniversary tour with Supertramp.

40 years after it's founding, the rock group Supertramp is going on an anniversary tour - but not with original line-up. In 1983 the two founding members Roger Hodgson (60) and Rick Davies (66) had split up. The two singers have also written the Supertramp hits - not together but each wrote alone. Now there is trouble because of Rick Davies' touring with Supertramp. Roger Hodgson thinks this is a sham and misleading the fans.

Mr. Hodgson, how come that Supertramp and yourself are touring - but not together?

Roger Hodgson: Two years ago I have been talking to Rick Davies about collaborating once again. But at the time he didn't want to tour with the other three band members because they were having some legal issues going on. The project between Rick and myself did not come about. It was only when I had already scheduled my own tour for this year when I learned that Rick is planning a tour with Bob Siebenberg and John Helliwell. That surprised me a lot.

What kind of a relationship is there between you and Rick Davies?

Hodgson: He is an old friend but there are many things standing between us now. What makes it so difficult for me, is that he broke an agreement. When Rick and I ended our partnership we by handshake agreed that he gets the name Supertramp and the rights for his music but wouldn't play any of my songs. That was the only important thing to me. 27 years later he announces a Greatest Hits tour for the 40th anniversary of Supertramp - with my songs.
That hurts.

Are you angry at your former partner?

Hodgson: Rather disappointed. In particular because the audience is being fooled. The Supertramp tour is being advertised with my songs and with my voice and that is not right but the public is not being told. Due to the announcements many fans are going to believe that I will be a part of this anniversary tour. I don't have a problem with Rick playing music again, he has written so many songs. But this is not a fair thing how it is being presented.

Why, in your opinion, has he not talked to you?

Hodgson: I have tried to change things for the better, for the sake of the band. Because thousands of fans want to see Supertramp again - the original line-up. The promoters would like that as well. But Rick and his wife Sue who is also his manager are blocking that. It's a shame because when it comes to the music, musicians should set their personal interests aside.

This is really a schizophrenic situation for the fans: they can either experience a band called Supertramp or they may experience the voice of Supertramp solo but not the two things at the same time...

Hodgson: Yes, schizophrenic, that’s exactly what it is. But at least the fans may choose what they want to hear.

What is Supertramp to you? A closed book, a nice memory or merely a name?

Hodgson: Supertramp is a wonderful bunch of people who have left a great legacy back in the 70's. For every single one of us this was a family back then, a big adventure. We have made a lot of people all over the world happy with our music. Supertramp today has nothing in common with that. The spirit is completely different.

Who is the true heir of Supertramp?

Hodgson: Supertramp's legacy belongs to the two songwriters, to Rick and to myself. All I can say is that many fans have told me that they can feel the spirit of Supertramp during my concerts. I like Rick's music but he is a completely different person than he was 30 years ago. He's lost his passion for music.

Will there ever be a Supertramp - reunion?

Hodgson: You can never know but time is fleeting and we are not that young anymore. That is why I have tried to make it happen now.

Why don't you put together a band and simply play the old songs?

Hodgson: It always depends on the setting. I am doing solo shows but I also perform with band or with orchestra. I like all three variations but during the solo shows I am able to establish an extremely intense relationship with the audiences. And in the meantime that has become the most important thing for me as an artist. Surprisingly the old stuff does not sound dated, I still have fun doing it.

You've recently turned 60. In retrospective, are you happy with what you've achieved?

Hodgson: Yes, I am content with my life. As an artist you should get better with your growing life experience, just like a fine wine which is getting better during the course of time. Often painters create their best pictures when they are older. Why should that be different regarding musicians? Thank God my voice is still strong. For me art and heart are the same thing. Art is the ability to express your heart.

Interview by Steffen Radlmaier

Rick Davies and Supertramp will be at the arena Nuremberg on September, 22;
Roger Hodgson will be giving a solo concert on March, 15th 2011 in Nuremberg's Meistersingerhalle.
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Source: Nurnberger Nachrichten Aug 6, 2010


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