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Birth date: February, 1977
Birth place: Hammersmith Hospital, London

Photo: Supertramp in Barcelona 2002, Jesse on the right


Works for Supertramp and Roger Hodgson:

Jesse Siebenberg joined Supertramp (percussions) for the 1997 world tour. He was 20 years old.
Please see full info about the SUPERTRAMP TOUR 1997 here.

Jesse was a member of the band with Roger Hodgson european tour, together with Bob Siebenberg, Andrew Hodgson and Norbert Fimpel.
They played several gigs in France, Belgium and Switzerland, during winter year 2000. ("Open the door" album promo tour)

Jesse was working in the studio sessions for the recording of "Slow Motion" album (Supertramp).

Jesse improved his role in the Supertramp world tour (percussions, acoustic guitar, special sounds & effects).
He performed "Give a little bit" with a 12 strings guitar. (lead vocal and guitar)
Please see full info and photos about the SUPERTRAMP TOUR 2002 here.

Jesse was working in the studio sessions for the recording of "Gaia" album (Alan Simon project)
He sang the song "loves call love".
John Helliwell (Supertramp) was working in the project too.


He was the bass player in the "Art on Ice" gigs in Zurich, with important artists (like Roger Hodgson, John Helliwell, and members of Moody Blues and Fleetwood Mac )
Please see full info and photos about ART ON ICE 2004 here.

After 2004
He was working in several bands, based in Ventura (California) and also producing several albums for other artists.

Jesse met fellow singer/songwriter/producer Todd Hannigan at a session at Brotheryn Studios.
They partnered up and have been operating Brotheryn studios since 2002.

He produced an album with Kenny Loggins as well as his son's debut album who is currently a contestant on MTV's "Rock The Cradle".

Jesse produced 2 albums for named Todd Hannigan- The 2nd album will be available in a few weeks on itunes- Bob Siebenberg is playing drums on 2 songs. His albums are called Vol.1 and Vol.2.

Jesse is promoting his debut album UNDISCOVERY.

He was touring Europe with "A fine frenzy" band in April. He's on drums/percussion, acoustic and electric guitar and lap steel. They will come back to Europe again this summer.

He joined Roger Hodgson as bass player for three shows in Brazil and a show in Paris too, in September:
Sao Paulo 2008
Paris 2008

Jesse joined Roger Hodgson as bass player again for a tour in South America, five gigs in February:
Roger Hodgson Tour 2009
And also a Gig in Germany in August, with orchestra:
Aachen August 22

In March Jesse Siebenberg cancelled his already planned collaboration with Roger Hodgson for 2010 tour, and he joined Supertramp for this tour.
Supertramp Tour 2010
The Legends Tour  CANCELLED

June 2012: interesting article in  Ventura County Star 

Excalibur Live, by Alan Simon (with John Helliwell)

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Rock meets Classic Tour, with John Helliwell

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Rock meets Classic Tour, with John Helliwell

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Photos: Jesse and Alison on stage, Zurich 18 April 2008. (A Fine Frenzy) By MAC



Photo: "Terminator" Jesse, MAC and Bob Siebenberg, Los Angeles 2002 Supertramp tour



All texts by Miguel Angel Candela (MAC)

From Jesse's Myspace:


Jesse Siebenberg’s debut album "Undiscovery" is available for download on iTunes and the snocap store above as well as Amazon, Napster, emusic, Rhapsody and Groupy Tunes. The CD release party was held at Zoey’s in Ventura, CA. and was sold out stuffed- thanks to all that showed up- big time. Hard copies of the album will be available at future shows, stores and online. stay tuned..

Stoked about sweeping at the Jameson Irish International Film Fest with "Wave Riders" which beat out "There Will Be Blood"!---ALSO--- look out for a stunning new surf/documentary filmed by Dave Homcy and conceived of by Britton Caillouette and Nicholai Lidow called "SLIDING LIBERIA" with original score by Todd Hannigan and Jesse Siebenberg; sound design by Brotheryn Studios- just won the Alpinist Film Fest Peoples’ Choice Award, and it was also nominated for Best Score at XDance. is done as well as V.1 of our reel at the. Production of Todd Hannigan’s Vol. 2 is nearly complete and the album will be released 4/20/08.

Just produced Lee Koch's "Same As Blood", Delaney Gibson's "The Worst Kind Of Way" and Todd Hannigan's "Volume 2 Courtside for the Apocalypse". Hopefully a new JS album out by the winter.

Also working with Amy Adams(American Idol), Liz and Josh Golden, Joey Ryan, etc

On tour with Roger Hodgson and A Fine Frenzy in 2009, producing new Kenny Loggins childrens album for Disney coinciding with Pooh/Tigger movie.


Born in London into a musical family (father Bob Siebenberg drummer in Supertramp and mother Vicki Gorham Sieberberg, sister of Scott Gorham guitar player in Thin Lizzy), Jesse spent a lot of time in studios and on the road getting aquainted with life as a musician.

As Jess puts is, “They were best friends growing up (and still are), so I was around them a lot, soaking up the music thing. I never figured I’d grow up to do anything else. I started out on toys ‘r’ us Muppets drum kits, and as I got bigger was able to reach the pedals of my dad’s kit. I then moved on to learning bass, guitar, keys, and whatever else was laying around that I wouldn’t get grounded for tampering with!” Jesse began doing professional gigs at age thirteen as a drummer.

Around that time he was given access to his father’s home studio to learn to write and record his own compositions. After finishing high school and with a few national tours under his belt, Jesse attended Berklee College of Music in Boston on a scholarship to study film scoring, music production/engineering and composition.

His entrance exam tested him out of over 60% of the cirriculum and he ultimately returned to California to continue his studies at Westmont College.

At the age of 20, he joined Supertramp and contributed keyboard, guitar, vocal and percussion work on stage and in the studio. Playing various instruments on numerous albums, Jesse began branching out into production.

In the mid 90’s he co-produced Jonathan McEuen’s Sampolin’ 14 as well as 2 albums for local heros “The Jonathan Raffetto Band”. Around this time he did a European tour playing bass for Roger Hodgson’s "Open The Door" release.

Producing a few other groups and honing his craft, he then co-produced Crosby Loggins’ debut album “We All Go Home”. From there he caught the attention of Crosby’s father Kenny, and completed co-production of his new album “How About Now”.

Jesse met fellow singer/songwriter/producer Todd Hannigan at a session at Brotheryn Studios. They partnered up and have been operating Brotheryn studios since 2002. Brotheryn won awards for “Shelter” (best film X-Dance), “Hallowed Ground” (ESPN’s Action Sports Movie of the Year), “Thicker Than Water” (Surfer Magazine’s Video of the Year), “September Sessions” (ESPN’s Best Sports Movie of the Year), “Flow” (Best Documentary X-Dance), "Sliding Liberia" (people’s choice Alpinist FF, nominated for best score XDance), "Wave Riders" (Jameson’s Irish Int. FF Viewers’ Choice), “Shape Of Water” (Best Feature Documentary, World Cinema Award, Best Director (San Francisco Women’s Film Festival), National Association for Film and Digital Media Artists INSIGHT awards of excellence: Original score, editing, human rights, post-production, research, and original score…

Jesse also co-produced Todd Hannigan’s critically acclaimed debut album Volume 1. Todd and Jesse acquired a third partner in Jason Mariani (Local H, Supertramp). Jesse has traveled extensively nationally and internationally as a touring musician with groups such as Supertramp, Hanna-McEuen, A Fine Frenzy, Kenny Loggins, Crosby Loggins, Todd Hannigan and the Heavy 29’s, John McEuen and the String Wizards, Whisky Falls, Mark Hart (Crowded House) and many other bands of different genres.

In 2003 he had a lead single hit in Europe with a project called Gaia which he promoted extensively, performing at such events as “Art On Ice” featuring Olympic gold medalist Evgeni Plushenko.

He has co-billed with groups such as Coldplay, Wilco, Lenny Kravitz, The Black Keys, and has performed on Jay Leno and many other national and international TV promotion.

His debut album, “Undiscovery”, is complete will be promoted extensively in the coming months. Jesse describes it as an accumulation of everything he’s learned about life and music thus far, and is looking forward to putting out much more music over the coming years.


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