2010 TOUR - SUPERTRAMP Paris, Oct. 28


SUPERTRAMP in Paris, October 28, 2010

Hi there !

Yesterday, a special celebration took place in Paris for the last concert of Supertramp's European Tour: Supertramp was playing live for the 1000th time ! Exclusive T-Shirts were printed for the occasion.

Before the show, the 'ambiance' backstage was excellent : Bob was playing darts, John was laughing with friends etc...

The concert was better than the first time in Paris (astonishing version of "Another Man's Woman")

For the encore, Rick asked Jessie to move on from the piano and started to play "Don't You Lie To Me" ; the band didn't even know that Rick was going to play that song !

After the show, Rick came backstage to welcome all the guests to go to the after-show that took place at le Réservoir, a small parisian club (Supertramp played there in 1997 for a private gig too). About 50 people were there, a cosy atmosphere, a really special event. It's one o'clock and Supertramp suddenly became "Ricky & The Rockets" and played a great set of jazz-blues classics including 'Route 66'. Many 'Rockets' sang : Gabe, Jesse, Cassie and a special guest : John Andrews from "The Lonely Ones" / "The Joint" (the band Rick Davies played in before creating Supertramp). At around 3 am, the after-show was over, the magic has come to conclude the Supertramp European Tour. What a special night....

The Dude

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