Indelibly Stamped




Review in AMAZON: Another 'Tramp Buried Treasure, written in April 29, 2003 by Alan Caylow

Like their 1970 self-titled debut, Supertramp's second album, 1971's "Indelibly Stamped," was critically-acclaimed but didn't exactly set the cash registers ablaze. Still, the band continued to evolve, as they stepped away from the psychedelic rock of the first album and honed their trademark jazz/pop/rock hybrid sound that would eventually sell millions, starting with "Crime Of The Century." "Indelibly Stamped" is a marvelous Supertramp album, and a definite sign of things to come. For the second 'Tramp album, singer/guitarist Roger Hodgson and keyboardist Rick Davies got themselves a new line-up: bassist Frank Farrell, drummer Kevin Currie, and Dave Winthrop on flute & sax. Also, Rick Davies finally stepped up to the microphone for the first time with his first batch of lead vocals. Every single song on "Indelibly Stamped" is an excellent one. "Your Poppa Don't Mind" is a fun keyboard-thumper. "Travelled" is a lovely acoustic number that reminds me of vintage Crosby, Stills & Nash, and "Rosie Had Everything Planned" is a fine, light & breezy tune about a woman who gets into trouble with the law. "Remember" is pure arena rock all the way (complete with cheering audience), and "Forever" is, in my estimation, one of the greatest love songs ever written, as it says everything you could ever want to say to your sweetheart in a song, and you can slowdance to it. I'm definitely playing it at my wedding, that's for sure! "Potter" is a brief but excellent blast of guitar rock. "Coming Home To See You" is a pure gem, the lyrics in the style of a phonecall from a rude boyfriend to his girl, with the band kicking into a delightful, chugging choo-choo train jam at the end, featuring some outstanding organ & harmonica from Davies. "Times Have Changed" is a classic Davies ballad, signaling his other great, piano-based compositions that would follow. "Friend In Need" is a short but appealingly playful number, featuring some nice 20's-style piano & sax. And finally, Hodgson leads the band in the tremendous "Aries," a breathtaking 7 1/2 minute acoustic whirlwind. It's a phenomenal piece, another unsung 'Tramp classic. Once again, Hodgson & Davies' singing, songwriting & playing are superb, and their musical chemistry with the rest of the band simply cooks.This second version of Supertramp quickly folded after the commercial disappointment of "Indelibly Stamped," but, without question, they undeniably laid down the blueprint for the third and most-famous version of the band that would follow with "Crime Of The Century," with the band's signature jazz/pop/rock sound now firmly in place. "Indelibly Stamped," like Supertramp's self-titled debut from 1970, is a wonderful buried treasure that no 'Tramp fan should do without.

Title ······ Composer ······ Time

1 ······ Your Poppa Don't Mind ······ Davies, Hodgson ······ 3:02

2 ······ Travelled ······ Davies, Hodgson ······ 4:28

3 ······ Rosie Had Everything Planned ······ Farrell, Hodgson ······ 3:05

4 ······ Remember ······ Davies, Hodgson ······ 4:11

5 ······ Forever ······ Davies, Hodgson ······ 4:57

6 ······ Potter ······ Davies, Hodgson ······ 2:23

7 ······ Coming Home to See You ······ Davies, Hodgson ······ 4:46

8 ······ Times Have Changed ······ Davies, Hodgson ······ 3:50

9 ······ Friend in Need ······ Davies, Hodgson ······ 2:07

10 ······ Aries ······ Davies, Hodgson 7:37

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