Crime of the Century


Release Date: 1974

Recording Date: Feb 1974-Jun 1974 Label: A&M     Time: 43:25


Review in AMAZON:NOT Their First Album, But Their First Breakthrough
by Alan Caylow (USA)
So many US fans of Supertramp still believe to this day that 1974's "Crime Of The Century" was the band's very first album. This is totally not true---it's actually their *third* album, following 1970's "Supertramp" & 1971's "Indelibly Stamped," both of which are only available on import, but they're both superb Tramp albums worth seeking out. Now that we've got THAT cleared up...."Crime Of The Century" was Supertramp's first commercial breakthrough, and it's a winner all the way. Many Tramp classics are on this one: "School," "Bloody Well Right," "Dreamer, "Rudy," and the title track. Singer/songwriter/ keyboardists Roger Hodgson & Rick Davies are in top form, as are their new recruits John Halliwell on sax, bassist Dougie Thomson & drummer Bob Siebenberg. The band's unique music is melodic, rocking, and catchy, and the production is supreme, as especially evidenced on this new remastered version.It wasn't their first album, but "Crime Of The Century" WAS Supertramp's first big splash in the music world. It's a terrific album, and a sign of things to come from this great band.

Title ······ Composer ······ Time

1 ······ School ······ Davies, Hodgson 5:34

2 ······ Bloody Well Right ······ Davies, Hodgson 4:31

3 ······ Hide in Your Shell ······ Davies, Hodgson 6:48

4 ······ Asylum ······ Davies, Hodgson 6:43

5 ······ Dreamer ······ Davies, Hodgson 3:31

6 ······ Rudy ······ Davies, Hodgson 7:19

7 ······ If Everyone Was Listening ······ Davies, Hodgson 4:04

8 ······ Crime of the Century ······ Davies, Hodgson 5:36

DREAMER - Song Review by Mike DeGagne

The Crime of the Century album marked an extremely important breakthrough for Supertramp, going to number 38 on the U.S. album chart and number one in Britain. The album represented a breakaway of sorts from their early progressive sound, and showed signs of a more solid pop/rock formula in both the songwriting and the music itself. Although "Dreamer," the first single from the album, cracked the Top 20 in the U.K. in 1975, it wasn't until October of 1980 that the song would dent the American charts, one year after three songs from the monumental Breakfast in America album, released in 1979, had made the U.S. Top 20. But statistics aside, it's the stern but congenial addition of the keyboards running through the body of the song that gives it a sound all its own. "Dreamer" utilizes a busy instrumental drive, starting off simple and light but constantly building as the song advances, falling in behind the philosophical intuitions of the lyrics. True, there are fragments of Supertramp's mild progressive rock beginnings sprouting up throughout, but the excellent interplay between Davies' synthesizer work and Helliwell's saxophone playing steals the show, establishing a perfect rock rhythm from start to finish. "Dreamer" closes with an explosive finale and tapers off with the lone chime of a xylophone fading into the distance. The addition of John Helliwell, bass player Dougie Thomson, and former Bees Make Honey drummer Bob Benberg gives this song, and the rest of the album, a more radio akin sound, which in turn led to greater recognition for the band, especially outside of England.
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