Supertramp as Ricky & The Rockets - 1986


Supertramp as Ricky & The Rockets - 1986 live in Mannheim im Flic Flac

It was more a party then a concert. After their big concert in Ludwigshafen (Twin City of Mannheim) in front of 5000 people Supertramp was playing in a little Club-Restaurant called Flic Flac in Mannheim. Only 10 people knew what is coming on that night. So in the little sideroom probably 50 people are sitting and waiting (they did not know who is coming ). Around 11pm Supertramp has arrived - that means RICKY & THE ROCKETS are on stage. This was their name for this night. Ricky and his boys were :
Mark Hart - k
Marty Walsh - g
Dougie Thompson - b
John Helliwell - sax
Ben Siebenberg - dr
Scott Page - sax
Carl Verheyen - g
Rick Davies - k,v
Beside them sometimes also on stage 3 musicians of the Herbert Grönemeyer Band -
Alfred Kritzer - k
Norbert Hamm - b
Gagey Mrozek - g
--- also on stage, with the earphone Wichtel a technican from Radio RPR. Sometimes you see Affendaddy standing in the door in the back always grinning. Sometimes 12 guys (and a grand piano !!!) standing on 12 square meters !!
The setlist for Ricky & The Rockets was :
Happy Birthday To You , In The Midnight Hour, Don't You Lie To Me, Walking The Dog, Treat Her Right, Route 66 , Stormy Monday , My Babe - from Ron Holden - + Lucille. When they finished a song some of them asking what is the next song, but nobody knew that, so Rick says - have you ever heard a song called Midnight Hour ? Everybody is thinking - and then they said - yes we have heard that song. So Rick says : Let's play it.
For all the people in that little room - musicians + audience it was a unforgettable night.
Normally on this stage was my Discotheque equipment. That means Recordplayer, Reciever and a - Cassette deck - and with such an engine you can do pretty good recordings.....:-))))

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